Month: February 2019

E004 – FEAT: Mitchell Becker (Texas Longhorns Kicker), Super Bowl, The Bachelor, 21 Savage, Batman, Zaxby’s v. Chick-fil-A, Anthony Davis, Tom Brady v. Michael Jordan

FEAT. Former Texas Longhorns Kicker Mitchel Becker.

TV: Super Bowl Recap – Overview, Halftime Show, Commercials, Netflix’ Obsession with Ted Bundy, Episode Recap of ‘The Bachelor.’

POP CULTURE: 21 Savage is British, Peta vs. Hyundai, Zaxby’s vs. Chick-fil-A, Ariana Grande’s Misspelled Tattoo, New Fashion Trends.

BOOM. ROASTED: Farting Trolls, Dating Plans and Cockroaches, Papa Johns.

MOVIES: Fyre Festival GoFundMe, Peta vs. ‘Toy Story 4,’ Batman Casting Rumors.

SPORTS: Super Bowl Recap – The Game Itself, Tom Brady vs. Michael Jordan, Anthony Davis Trade Rumors.

AT THE BUZZER: 2020 Super Bowl Predictions.

4:41 – TV
17:35 – ‘The Bachelor’ Episode Recap
20:20  – Pop Culture
37:02 – Boom Roasted
39:11 – Movies
49:38 – Sports
1:03:46 – At The Buzzer


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