A Man in Kansas is Offering $25,000 to Whoever Can Find Him a Girlfriend

February 27, 2020


This is not a joke: 47-year-old bachelor, Jeff Gebhart from Prarie Villiage, Kansas is fed up with the dating scene. He's built a website called www.datejeffg.com and is offering $25k for anyone who makes a successful referral leading to a relationship. In addition, he will donate $25k to a no-kill dog shelter.

About Jeff: - He’s an entrepreneur who loves staying in shape and flipping houses.

- His friends describe him as a “lighthearted jacka***,” “high energy,” and “positive.”

- He’s run with the bulls in Spain, jumped out of airplanes, has a dog and involves himself with charity work.

- “He’s a great guy. Let’s face it. You’ve done worse.” - Rob Hissong (Buddy)


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