Avengers Endgame, Enneagram, Brené Brown, Game of Thrones, The Office | FEAT. Krista Box (Noonday Collection) and Jake Box (Pastor)

FEAT. Krista Box (Noonday Collection) and Jake Box (Pastor). 

POP CULTURE: Vegan Whoppers. Michigan Lottery winner loses money/Would you turn in cash? Dumb holidays.

HERE’S WHAT THE KIDS ARE SAYING: “Yeet,” “Scoop,” “Curve,” “A Crapella,” and “Slide into their DMs.”

TV: Netflix might drop The Office. Why Brené Brown is great for Netflix and our culture.

Game of Thrones: Season 8, Episode 3 “Recap.”

MOVIES: The impact of Avengers Endgame on our culture (No Spoilers). The Velocipastor.

AT THE BUZZER: Enneagrams and Avengers.

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