E004 - FEAT: Mitchell Becker (Texas Longhorns Kicker), Super Bowl, The Bachelor, 21 Savage, Batman, Zaxby's v. Chick-fil-A, Anthony Davis, Tom Brady v. Michael Jordan

February 6, 2019

FEAT. Former Texas Longhorns Kicker Mitchel Becker.

TV: Super Bowl Recap - Overview, Halftime Show, Commercials, Netflix' Obsession with Ted Bundy, Episode Recap of 'The Bachelor.'

POP CULTURE: 21 Savage is British, Peta vs. Hyundai, Zaxby's vs. Chick-fil-A, Ariana Grande's Misspelled Tattoo, New Fashion Trends.

BOOM. ROASTED: Farting Trolls, Dating Plans and Cockroaches, Papa Johns.

MOVIES: Fyre Festival GoFundMe, Peta vs. 'Toy Story 4,' Batman Casting Rumors.

SPORTS: Super Bowl Recap - The Game Itself, Tom Brady vs. Michael Jordan, Anthony Davis Trade Rumors.

AT THE BUZZER: 2020 Super Bowl Predictions.

4:41 - TV
17:35 - 'The Bachelor' Episode Recap
20:20  - Pop Culture
37:02 - Boom Roasted
39:11 - Movies
49:38 - Sports
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Episode Transcript:

Speaker 1:0:00Today's episode of the Buzzer is brought to you by fire festival, llc. Boy, they don't. They don't have money now. No more. Oh, just kidding. Nevermind.

Speaker 2:0:11Today on the Buzzer, we're going to recap this week's episode of the Bachelor as well as the famous super bowl ever. Tom Brady's six spring to Adam Levine and all those weird commercials in between. Nice rhyme, jt. Not to mention how one of those commercials has led to beef with between two chicken companies. Speaking of will tell you why the vegans have issues with Hyundai and why Eda doesn't want to play with Calista. Also on the show, 21 savage misplaces Giesen, Ariana Grande a misspelled her tattoo, and now a vampire might be the next Batman. You know what? We'll give you the latest on the Mba trade rumors as well as premature superbowl predictions for next year's game. Not to mention we're going to pointlessly weigh in on the careers of Tom Brady and Michael Jordan. Ask the question, who is better and as a bonus? We have our great friend and former University of Texas longhorns kicker bigger

Speaker 1:1:03Mitchell Becker joining us tonight on the show, all that and more on today's episode of the Buzzer. Well, hello. They're happy Tuesday guys, episode four. This might be a Wednesday. Jd. It's hard to say when this will be released, but, but hopefully, hopefully it's a happy day. Whatever it is. Happy Day guys. This is our fourth episode of the Buzzer and we're pumped because there is so much to talk about and we'll obviously get into that burst. I want to introduce my friend, special guest, special guest, former kicker for the University of Texas longhorns. Real estate mogul. Just killing the game in every which way possible. None other than my buddy Mitchell Becker. Mitch, how's it going man? It's good, man. It's good to be here. Thanks for having me on. Oh my God. I have to fact check a few of those introductions. Last I heard you had an empire of, of real estate operations and so that's, that's what I'm running with here.

Speaker 1:2:01You know, maybe next is running for president. The next, next Donald Trump. Anything could happen in this day and age. Let me tell you so much. I'm excited to have you on the show. You obviously are of this table a jd is an athlete, but I'm not and I think you really bring a whole lot more dynamic to us. Someone who's actually well rounded, well rounded and actually been accomplished at sports. Uh, I'm sorry, Jim is the most athletic of the table producer, Jim, but now you're a close second to that obviously. And so we're to have unhappy here. I think I have a lot of that guilty by association being a part of the team, but you got to remember as a kicker. So there's an asterisk mark mark by it for sure. I mean quote on quote athletic. We do the workouts. Exactly. That should be a t, shirts do the work. I do the workouts. I read a quote that can you put on your linkedin. I did all of the workouts.

Speaker 3:3:05I mean like if you look back towards that Hugh, who is the guy for the bears that missed that crucial kick that we just talked about, the market. I don't want to go off on a tangent on cody Parky, but y'alls job is, would you say top one or two most important. I mean, besides the quarterback, you guys are closing out games, right? I don't know if I'd go that far, but I think 99. Let's call it 95. It's a lot of pressure fans or followers of the sport under appreciate an unbiased, unbiased. But

Speaker 1:3:35I'm biased for you. I think it's a mental game, man. I think that you like next to the quarterback position. I would say a kicker maybe even upon her has a lot more going on in their mind. Just how fast it's moving and how much is dependent upon you that I would say I think he deserve a lot of credit and so you have our respect.

Speaker 3:3:53I appreciate that. I think, uh, you know, Bill Bellacheck is a pretty cool case study because he always has left footed punters because of the way that the ball spirals into a for return to catch. And then even on like going on that he always has. I mean, Gostkowski is the best kicker in the game. Uh, Ryan Allen's been top hunter for the Patriots for 10 years now. A favorite part and they've won a fiercer yeah, absolutely. Shout out to my boy, Mike Dixon

Speaker 1:4:21seahawks expand Mike. I'm a big fan. You're awesome. Eve listened right now, but of course he said, um, well Mitch, I am excited to have you on here. We've been talking about this for a little while. You're a pal and a your by association in front of the show. So we say we dive in. Let's get it, let's get it. So there's a lot to talk about in the world of television, obviously, as you may or may not know him. By that I mean you absolutely do. If you have a pulse. There was a big game on Sunday superbowl. That's right. The biggest game in Japan in half. This also be the biggest game in America who knew in, but this year it was kind of not that exciting. It was the worst, if you like, defensive, slow matchups it was that. But we're not gonna dive into that just yet.

Speaker 1:5:14We're gonna talk all about the game on, you know, at length at the end of the show when we talk sports. Yes. But we definitely want to give an overview and just to paint a picture for you, you gentlemen, uh, this was the lowest rated game in the last decade. Uh, had about 44 point 9 million, which sounds great except when you, compared to previous years, it didn't even compete. It's the lowest rated game since the 2009 superbowl, the steelers and the cardinals. And this is the lowest scoring game in history. In fact, it was so boring that twitter was ablaze, wasn't it jd?

Speaker 3:5:46Yes, it was. And before I talk about this on twitter, I almost have to wonder, just as a fan too, was this game so low in the viewer polls just because the Patriots were. It honestly, like I look at the overall score and it was an extremely low score, but I think people are tired of the Patriots. Mitch, I Kinda, I was the one person that are our little superbowl watch party that was kind of rooting for them. Yeah. I just, I love Tom Brady adding to the legacies. Pretty noisy. I mean he's 40, what is he? Forty one years old and he's,

Speaker 1:6:21I was in a bad way on Saturday morning and I went a downwards spiral and just watched every episode of Tom Versus time before I even got out of bed and there's cemented what I already love about this guy because his work ethic is crazy. But yes, if you're most of America you've villainize the Patriots, but the thing is

Speaker 3:6:40we would have been way more excited about this game. Had The saints gone, gotten in America, would have been engaged and we talked about, talked about the penalty last week. We won't go into it, but at the same shit drew brees would've. He would've put up more than three points. Same with unt. Putting the chiefs in there. Exactly. My chiefs would have been exciting for the most exciting team all year. Totally. Yes. But anyways, just real quick. So on twitter I was kind of looking through some of the popular feeds while the game was going on and not only were the top hashtags not about the actual super bowl, but there was a Hashtag, it was about, it was a whole clip on, it's called the a superbowl Sunday super bowl Sunday, but super bowl Sunday. So that was trending, that was number one. It was a hoot. And they also had a, um, a puppy bowl halftime show. So it was um, her room five featuring Adam Feline her ruin five. So here's to say that America was not the least tuned in.

Speaker 1:7:38Yeah, it wasn't, it wasn't the most excited we've been for a game. Thought it was. Again, there was a lot to admire. Both the defense played great. We'll get into that later in the show. But one interesting thing that we were talking about before the show is there was one random dude who put $250 down on a superbowl wage or predicting the rams would only score

Speaker 3:8:01three points. And how much did you walk away with niche? Two hundred and $50,000. That's crazy. 100,000 dollars for three points. What was the section? One hundred and one you had? The odds are 400 random that, you know, you pick how many points that the ranch will score.

Speaker 1:8:20It's like, you know, one would have thought that was the case and this guy made out like a bandit and uh, he's a real winner of this game. Everyone else in America lost. But that guy did. All right, so there you have it. But speaking of the Super Bowl, we had a halftime show and it was laced with controversy. It's lit. So Maroon five was under scrutiny for accepting this Gig in the first place and we're not going to get too political on the show ever, but there was a lot of, a lot of flack around the whole column Cap Index situation. Artist like Rihanna and Cardi b out of solidarity turned down the opportunity to perform, but Maroon five did it. And the world got to see Adam Levine's a sweaty shirtless nipples. And there's all this tension which jd, you crack me up on this. It's like I'm going to post it on our instagram because his dad look like at chipotle.

Speaker 1:9:09A bag. That's straight up. Shit. There is no, there is no symmetry. I'm just not going to get into tattoos. That's fine. But homeboys got California written across his, across the sternum. It kinda of. It kinda looked like a w. What do you call it? Not that the different constellations. The horoscope really on his chest of have like a lion and a like a libra. Virgo in California. All the traditional horse. I would like to know how many women find that attractive. I was repulsed. There was at least one woman in my party who was into it and the rest of them were also into it. So yeah, I think there's a, there's a good number. I don't think that would deter too many women from, uh, from sleeping with Adam Levine. That's what I'm saying. He's a good looking man. He's in shape. He and Tom are both these age 40.

Speaker 1:9:59What was it? I think he's right about 40 producers. How many hits Maroon five. Had at least like they did play some role that took me back to my middle school days. I realized like 39 songs out 39. So Jim just gave us a hot take there. Um, he, he is the white real. I mean he's ageless like he looks great. Um, another thing too. So did they sing? We will be or no, trying to think of the big journals. Big disappointment is there was a social media campaign, if you're familiar with the show, sponge Bob Square pants. There was an episode where they did a halftime show and they performed and squidward let them all and they performed the song sweet victory and zero was a lot of momentum for them to cover sweet victory. And they hinted at it right before Travis Scott came out.

Speaker 1:10:49There was a spongebob clip and then Travis Scott came out very zealously and they didn't play it and a lot of people are upset for them for not even touching it. And then the other lackluster moment I thought was big boy came out and I know that a casting a huge fallout a while back, but there was still part of me that was hoping maybe maybe Andre $3,000 did arise and it'd be a true Atlanta homecoming. But what are you going to do, Mitch? How would you rate the halftime show? I thought it was. I thought it was okay. Travis Scott seemed kind of random. Here's all he's saying. Half a song and then was, was Kinda gone. Yeah. They could've done so much more with the spongebob. I mean that was just a platter. Yes. They could have done so much for this opportunity because that wasted that spongebob episode.

Speaker 1:11:42Is that pick the epic. It's like the guilt of it really is. It really is. And uh, yeah, there was just a lot to be desired about that show I don't think was bad. I don't think it was great. When you compare it to people like Justin Timberlake last year just just brought the house and it's just hard to follow him. But what are you going to do? It was, it was a tough, it's a tough situation. Maroon five was pretty much destined to fail from the start just because of all the outlet, the backlash coming into it, but there were still some interesting commercials, which is probably why people like producer Jim to an end to the superbowl and I thought we could go around and just kind of share some of the highlights. I think my favorite, just because I'm a huge office and was this deep girl commercials.

Speaker 1:12:28I'm pretty sure he did one or two and it was with Pepsi and Cardi B was in it. Um, and then there was also one where a bunch of chicks were drinking spoiled milk. I don't know if y'all saw that one. It was disgusting because it was gross. It was literally like curl, like curdle mill. They were just chucking, it was something like, just to accompany those, going in on it. It was gross. I'm trying to remember what the Pepsi one was. Cardi B and a few others. And they were all saying like, Pepsi is more than just okay. It's okay. So it looks really good for it. He's aging very well, lot of Steve Carell, a lot of the gossip columns, if actually, which I'm shamed that I know this, but a lot of gossip columns have pretty much made it known that Steve is one of the most handsome man in America.

Speaker 1:13:14He's just fine salt and pepper specimen. I mean, if any of this look like Steve Krill in our fifties, I'll take that with doing all right. I won't be there because I don't have hair, but if I saw they have, they have a lot of options. You can fight this thing about technology 30 years. Steve Carell from season one of the office to season two. He got the plugs and looks great. So you're saying there's a change? True. That's true. Get to know. My personal favorite commercial was the uh, I love the Doritos with chance the rapper and backstreet boys. I thought that was a lot. I was kind of a fun juxtaposition of, of my childhood and then, you know, chance. So that's great. Uh, mentor, die even. I think my favorite was the Michelob ultra one with the robot.

Speaker 1:14:05These robots are so bad ass. And then, oh, they can't drink beer, just missing out on the finer things in life. One of the many weaknesses of their kind. That's one thing, like I am fearful of a robotic uprising. Your wife works for a company that does ai and it makes me the root of the problem. I know and I don't want to be insensitive, but I do think they're going to take over us, but I think if we offered them beer, maybe we can have an olive branch just pouring down their circuit. That's their downfall to just pour down the circuit. Absolutely. So speaking of dark thoughts here, Netflix is going all in on some grizzly material. You guys are familiar with Ted Bundy and the two series that are outright now the docu series conversations with a killer created by Joe Berlinger. Actually Joe Berlinger is behind both projects. There's the Docu series and there's also the movie that they bought for $9 million dollar starting Zac Efron and Lily Collins. It's extremely wicked, shockingly evil in vital long title, but pretty much sums up Ted Bundy. Why is Netflix so obsessed with all of these murder stories?

Speaker 3:15:18What does that say about us? I have to take. But you go first. I don't know. I think about we watched. Um. Oh, what was it? Uh, how to, uh, what was the guy from making a murderer? Oh yeah. And then we also watched staircase and there they're just. So. Lyndon captivating was kept, I don't know why, you know, murder, you know that with the staircase, you probably heard this. Like on reddit there's a theory out there all flew through the window, her head and Janell down the stairs because they on an owl feathers and they're just like one in that region of the world. But if you actually attacks women, they're human. He did the same thing like 20 years earlier with his ex wife. It's fishy. Well, she for sure. It sounds like a dark end to a Harry Potter novel were just attacking folks.

Speaker 3:16:09Well, here's my letter Harry, who murdered her. Yeah. I really think overall it's captivating, but I know we watch it just because we know it's bad. I mean we watch it because I don't know, this whole era of like the seventies and the eighties where there was literally no police communication between state borders, like they weren't able to. I mean this guy got away with over 30, over 30, confirmed murders up some say close to 90 to 100 and he basically turned himself in. I mean he was just being dumb. Like he just got pulled over. Yeah,

Speaker 1:16:43he was, he as many psychopaths are. He was very intelligent, young understanding of law and the guy is just a monster in the whole thing was just really. It just makes your skin crawl and Netflix has really capitalized on that.

Speaker 3:16:56Yes. And so here we go. So now with Zac Efron you get this guy, he's a good looking guy. He's a heartthrob for women. Sure. I feel like based on, based on the preview that I saw, it almost looks like they're glorifying him. Like it's like it's like an action. It feels like it's crazy. Like I guess

Speaker 1:17:15like Netflix is, is really taking these, these villains

Speaker 3:17:18romanticizing them. They love it. I think about the way that like people love like horror films, but there are so far fetched, you know, like paranormal activity and stuff, but here's content that's actually happened. It's real. It's something real but also captivating about it. Put it is crazy. Why do we like it so much? Why? Why can I not stop listening to it? It's grizzly. It's grotesque and it's sad, but like I'm gonna Watch it for three hours.

Speaker 1:17:44Me, I think it says it and I don't mean to make light of people being murdered, but I think it's like watching a train wreck. You know, that this is disruptive and it's terrible, but it's so encapsulate, encapsulate. It's so. It's so mesmerizing. It's the same. Same reason I watch reality TV. Trash TV man. Wow. Like the bachelor. Wow. Cutscenes go. It is our responsibility as men who are woke to keep other folks woke and part of that is to know what's going on with the bachelor, the bachelor. And so we have committed ourselves on the Buzzer podcast to always keep you up to date with the important things. And, and we have a episode recap from the latest episode of the Bachelor, the bachelor. So here we go. Gentlemen, let's, uh, let's go ahead and summarize what has happened

Speaker 2:18:40this week. The bachelor's in Thailand because Colton is clearly cultured. They could have gone anywhere else, but fuck it. Heather, who is also a virgin and has never been kissed, was the recipient of a date with Colton. He gives her a rose after hemming and hawing, Colton makes random small talk about an identify an unidentifiable lights on the beach because he's romantic. Fireworks go off and Colton becomes heather's first kiss because this was purely a coincidence. Colton is still a virgin. Elise in Colton, headaches, successful date during week three. However, she can't seem to handle sharing him with all these other women because she's clearly never watched the show before. She gets overwhelmed and quits. She's gone. The next day, Colton took the lays on a group date in the jungles of Thailand where we tried to reach. Sorry, you tried to teach them how to identify elephant poo and survive if they ever got lost in the jungle in Thailand.

Speaker 2:19:35And a B claims to be the most ferocious animal in the jungle. And quote, the girls eat worms in Colton is afraid to touch a snake, probably because he is a virgin. Girls Compete to see who can find water in and our Demi and her team give up and go off to eat hamburgers and drinks. Champagne and are disqualified for not drinking pool water. Cassie and Coleman have a one on one. Colton, Ms Dot Verjan. Own yessica claims she had a discussion with a lease before she left and discovered that Nicole is allegedly quote unquote, not here for the right reasons because TV should never attract people who want attention or fame. Colton is very concerned that there are girls without altruistic intentions on this show, but he is an idiot. Asia confronts on Yessica and it turns out none of that was true and for the first time in bachelor history, girls were talking poorly about each other. Without context. Nicole cries and Colton this delivered. Colton is chatting with Kate. The ladies are still fighting over things that didn't actually happen because ratings, Nicole and his argument interrupts Colton. He decides to mediate their spat because he's emotionally equipped to handle conflict.

Speaker 1:20:44Colton gets overwhelmed and walks out on him because he is emotionally equipped to handle conflict, to be continued because call it virgin

Speaker 4:20:59pop culture.

Speaker 1:21:01Well, let's take it back to Atlanta. Home of the Super Bowl. So this was a good week for the Patriots, a battery for the rams, but also a bad week for one formerly a native of Atlanta Atlantean, if you will. It turns out he's not. So the rapper 21 savage has been the news and he was arrested by ice for allegedly overstaying his visa. It turns out that the grammy nominee is who has long been associated with the city of Atlanta and claims to have grown up on the streets of east side is actually from London and he overstayed his visa. He came here at 13 a year later, overstayed his visa and no one caught it until he had some drug charges not too long ago, back in 2014 and sure enough, one thing led to another. And this guy, it's not from savage, the 21st, the 21st I'll say what happened here?

Speaker 3:21:58Oh, he lost his street cred, man. There's some good rappers over there, but if you claim you're from the ACL, you better be from the Atl.

Speaker 1:22:06That's a pretty stark contrast for rappers. I mean killing people in the streets to tea and crumpets. That's gonna hurt the, uh, album sales or boosted. Maybe this is the whole market. We, the navy, maybe his album title is kind of a secret. I am, is greater than I was on a balance. His past is greater than who I was. That's right. Data you showed me, I saw this tweet as well, but the five foot, five, five maybe. He was really talking about the queen of England. There's another one that says ninth grade I was playing football. So was that American football. And I can't tell it.

Speaker 3:22:58He's embarrassed because he's getting a lot of support from his, you know, other rappers like I'm pretty sure j Cole's tweeted out and I mean everybody is super supportive of him, but if you've listened to his music, he's, I mean, he's die hard about where he came from. He's extremely well about that atl. Exactly. So this Kinda was a surprise to me.

Speaker 1:23:17I read that a young Dolph came out stating that he had actually signed five record deals over the past five years or whatever it was after claiming that he did it by himself for a long time. So maybe there's just a trend of rappers lying. I'll tell you what, to try and boost their album. Sales numbers lie about stuff never happens. Just like in. No Way. Dude. I think it'd be great if, if someone like Jay z Kanye related, they just want to troll everyone and say he was from Germany this whole time. Uh, that'd be the best. There's still time, Jaeger, caan, young, fun fact here though, Mitch, you, you are here in this country, but you're actually from, from the UK originally, but you're not a liar.

Speaker 3:24:03I'm legal. You're leaving. Was born in Seattle, shout out to the seahawks is a move to England when I was two and lived there for five years before moving to the great state of Texas. That's right. So you've been in three countries. Have to.

Speaker 1:24:21No, no, the US, the UK in Texas said no banging on the table. That's my bad. It'll be fun for you and post. It was funny though. So speaking of things that are funny, maybe for the wrong reasons, you know, who's upset about the superbowl aside from the people who watched it. It's Peta vegans. So there was a superbowl ad, a Hyundai superbowl ad starting Jason Bateman, where he was on an elevator and he stopped at different, you know, unfortunate social situations like staying at the Dmv or the dentist office, et Cetera. In one of the stops, the elevator let off. One was a Vegan dinner party, in which case someone offered beat low. Are they triggered by this? I don't. So here's what, here's where I want to bring up the conversation. So allegedly there are a lot of vegans who were miffed about this and upset. I pulled all my vegan friends listening. Probably if you listening, none of them seem to be upset about this, but nonetheless, twitter is, is arranged right now as it always is. Have we lost the ability to take a joke like what has happened to us?

Speaker 3:25:36Yeah. This is coming from Peta who also tried to change all of the quotes and said instead of to beat a dead horse, it's to feed a fed horse or you know, so already they're already losing my, my 21 savage street cred with some of their twitter stuff. But yeah, we're sensitive man. It's, we're very sensitive because I'm not going to talk on veganism.

Speaker 1:25:58No, I probably have it. Here's the thing, like honestly like veganism a look into it, like it is a really healthy lifestyle. It's a great way to live. And if you are a Vegan, no, this on the Buzzer podcasts, we love you. We support you, but surely you can take a joke. I mean, I don't know. I think this whole thing is just a bit silly and it seems, seems a little far fetched. I don't know if you have any thoughts.

Speaker 3:26:20I mean I understand you know, everyone's viewpoint and not stepping on toes, but if you are are a fan of meek. You love, you love a good steak. Absolutely. Why can't you be actively, you know, passionate about that. So. So you get off the elevator like in this commercial and you see Feegan Meatloaf, right? I'm not going to be excited that. Right. Why

Speaker 1:26:44can I not be excited about that? Right, exactly. I don't get it hot. Take right there. Love to hear your input. That's. Yeah. What do you guys think on the forums, but post the video so you guys can watch it. At what point are we unable to laugh at something? At what point does something become not funny and I think a lot of responses I saw from vegans were, this is funny, it's fine, it's a joke you're reading on it, but fun fact if you are a Vegan, beyonce and Jay z are giving away free tickets. They are. So go ahead and hop on that. So there's your consolation prize, but let's. Speaking of beef, let's talk about two chicken companies. The complete opposite of beef. Sean, I see where you're going. That's right. I'm doing an opposites thing. We'll see if it catches this week. But you're familiar with the chicken chain Zacksby's.

Speaker 1:27:33Why Am I. I love that. It's good. The original spices and sauces and. Yeah, it's good stuff. It's all. Well they are facing some heat right now because they ran a regional superbowl ad that pretty much threw shaded defined institution knows chick filet and it backfired on them. They are basically poking fun. Chick fil a as you know, is the Lord's chicken and it is blessed. I was telling Mitch before the show, you don't have to pray before you eat because the Lord has already passed his hand upon it. Yes sir. But that being said, they are closed on Sundays and they make more business than Zacksby's doesn't seven days. That's absolutely right. They actually made more business does in any other fast food chain does. Sorry. Quick Service chain does in the states at least they are. The most most successful franchise. Correct. That being said, exact speeds went after them and speaking of twitter and other social sites, there's a huge backlash.

Speaker 1:28:33A, was this a misstep for Zacksby's or was this funny because they were basically the commercial was them saying, hey, we're open on Sundays, and it was definitely targeting. Just still think people on twitter too sensitive. Take twitter fingers is a real thing. I mean I love chicken legs. Watch as the next person. I even though I was like, yeah, okay, I get it. You guys are having fun with it. I don't know. I mean 18 team. Verizon had been doing this for years. Why can't chicken companies do that too? Because there's Christianity involved. Now people are upset because the Lord says they should be closed. Y'All ever? I am a Christian boy, but she can be chicken and let Jesus be Jesus hot. Take right here. You heard on the buzzer. Yup. We're not starting a culture war. We're putting out a cultural and we're putting it in a better word now. Speaking of chicken in the culture chick. Exactly. These are not the only franchises that are making waves right now. Kentucky Fried Chicken, Kentucky Fried Chicken. I haven't been there in 10 years, but if they can get on this show and sponsor me, I'll bring one of these sandwiches on their testing

Speaker 3:29:42out. A cheetos battered chicken fried sandwich, a fried chicken cheetos sandwich. I did a poll around the room. Hold on. Here's my question though. Sean and Mitch a, would you eat it sober or b? Would you only eat a drunk can be a both end. You cannot take one or the other because this type of sandwich, you're either that guy who is sober or. Or you're just going to try it. I would. I would try it sober probably and probably heard. Probably think it's okay, but I would crush it. Absolutely. Maybe a couple of.

Speaker 1:30:19Yes. KFC and Taco Bell. They did the Doritos locos and it was huge owned by the same like following institution, weathering institution and this. This is a crack team. Venting things in that kitchen literally cried. It's like, what if we took Taco made address? Does what? If we threw these cheetos into a chicken sandwich, and honestly I love the creativity for all the negativity that's happening right now in our country. It's nice to see something positive.

Speaker 3:30:46I'm going to look up when it comes out because I'm in Toronto.

Speaker 1:30:50Absolutely. But it is, it is making the rounds. So, uh, you looking out for a cheetos? Chicken Sandwich can wait. Did she? Does chicken sandwich

Speaker 3:31:00other debuting it in roanoke? That's where. Oh, that's in North Carolina. So if you guys from North Carolina, they're starting out. They're in Texas. We Self Chick Fil a March 24th is one. It drops. Anyway.

Speaker 1:31:12I'm going to put some sheet as chick fil a sandwich next time I go there and just see what happens. Boom. So there've been a lot of missteps this week and that is unfortunate, but pretty funny. He can be a little little Ariana Grande's. She got a tattoo in and it was in Japanese, uh, on her hand. And the Japanese tattoo was meant to spell out seven rings. That was the idea. I don't know the meaning behind that was, but he was supposed to be something deep and profound and unfortunately it turns out that the translation she got actually equates to quote barbecue grill in quote. So my question to you guys, without beating a dead horse here, feeding a fed horse, seeding of according to Peta, Peta, is what are some of the funnier tattoos you've seen in your career? Because I have one, but I want to hear from you guys first.

Speaker 3:32:11As a football player, I'm sure you've seen so many tattoos. What's hard to keep track? What's like the weirdest. Just a common theme of just poorly thought out. Tattoos like lions with a Bible verse coming out of her mouth. Just bad stuff. Bailey's cousin has a tattoo on his butt. What? On his butt cheek. What does the buttocks touch you say your. So that leads me into mine real quick. It's not going to. It's not explicit, but I knew. Okay. There was a guy rumored in my high school that got a squirrel on his inner thigh. I've heard this story I was talking to you about. You told me that a squirrel on his inner thigh, a cute little squirrel with his hands. Was the ice age squirrel cradling? It was for. Yes. So that was the one

Speaker 1:33:10I've heard of that either from you or someone else and it was like the little squirrel from ice age. Just reaching up on the upper thighs.

Speaker 3:33:17Trying to. That's pretty good. Just trying to grab his goods for our little ears. Don't worry about it. It's innocent. There's no little ears. Listen, you're right. You're right. This is a PG podcast. I really want to see a live with a Bible verse coming out of it.

Speaker 1:33:32I really just want to get your name on your Cs. Lewis. What are the odds that I'm drunk? I find the KFC, KFC chicken sandwich.

Speaker 3:33:43This is the consequences. Well, if I missed this field goal, you guys can tattoo whatever Andy does that in the office. That's right.

Speaker 1:33:52Our dog will come back to that. A little bit of an inside joke, but at the end of the show we'll have some, some ideas I'm sure for, for getting tattoos here. Uh, one last thing I want to touch on real quick and pop culture here. There's a new fashion trend going around and we'll post this on, on facebook producer Jim or an editor Bilbo. Well, we'll put us within our Bobo Bobo. Welcome to the show. Um, but we've got a, we've got a trend on our hands here. We're celebrities are wearing harnesses with their suits like legitimate, like spelunking. You're going backpacking Kinda harnesses like Michael B Jordan and a handful of other folks, uh, uh, you know, pretty much half the cast of Black Panther and the other avengers movies are wearing them. And here's my question, and again, I know you can't see this, but literally it's just a harness around a suit. Is this a trend that's going to catch on? Is this one that we need to adopt right now on the buzzer?

Speaker 3:34:49No. Is it cool right now who's wearing this? Yeah, I think, I mean, the way that it's not even symmetrical. He looks cool. Michael B Jordan has a floral pattern. It's pink and black, purple, but he's wearing like a tucks underneath. So just kind of thing that people will look back on and 20th ripped. Yeah, there's a picture of Michael B Jordan oiled up and shirtless and I bet he can wear the harness just like that without, without a shirt on. Jay is getting low, get this off.

Speaker 1:35:22But yeah, I mean I think you're right Mitch. I think this is one of those, those trends that in the moment feels right but much like acid washed jeans, we might regret it and you know, a decade or two but actually washed jeans are coming back around. So who knows, everything is separate.

Speaker 3:35:35When I was in seventh grade a, the

Speaker 1:35:38fashion trend of the year was like baby binkies. Oh No, you're welcome to welcome to Houston, Texas. Kids with jeans on that. There were so many trends that that came and went during our childhood and now I think we're in an age where pretty much anything goes. But I do remember when I was in middle school, I show up. Like in elementary I got all my brother's hand me downs. So I got shorts that went above the knee and I had like tube socks and I remember sixth grade just getting ridiculed because that was when shorts that went below the knee and the socks. I want it to be below the ankle and now we live in a world where you want shorts above the knee and socks that are tube socks. And I just think what has happened here. Here's my question and this is a question that we could even post as just a main topic of conversation for this podcast.

Speaker 1:36:31Will will jorts Jean shorts, teenagers, adults, 50 year old men. Will Jean shorts ever be fashionable? Females I see over there. Shaking your head. Yes. We agree with Mrs. Bailey is. Is is here to bottoms and cut them off. They look kinda stylish. She shaking her head. Yes. I remember there's one time I do. You remember the year was 2011. A Jason Mraz was popular and so is the little fedora that people would wear and the cutoff Jean shorts and the dvds. The Ivy's and I went. I was at A. I was driving to play a concert out in Florida and I was at a truck stop in Alabama and I got stopped by a big ole good old boy who literally looked me. I was wearing cutoff jean shorts, a deep White v in the little straw. Jason Foodora, a Jason Mraz Fedora, and this man looks me up and down and just says, boy, what in the hell are you wearing? And I said, I don't know. Please don't hurt me. And that's why I adopted new fashion. So. Well, there you have it. Wow. Scarring moment. Fashion. There it is.

Speaker 2:37:42Boom. Roasted. Alright, this is boom. Roasted the segment of the show where we take real headlines pulled straight from the news and we roast them. So, uh, let's, uh, let's give it a go. Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida now has a movie inspired trolls. Character now walks around and fart splitter at guests, which also sounds like jd after a bender of Taco Bell and Pixie stick book roasted a woman in Berlin, Germany, claimed to be in a committed relationship with a Boeing 7:37 airplane, which, and the woman's defense. It sounds like a better bumble date than Sean. Both roasted Florida police apprehended a teenage girl who's still a papa John's delivery corner to visit her boyfriend. The irony is that this is still the best Pr Papa John's has had in the last year. Book roasted. Well, I hate to see it, but it's true. It's true. It's true. After a DNA to better ingredients, better pizza after a DNA tests at a zoo, it was confirmed that the believer, the father of a baby orangutan was illegitimate, meaning jt can breathe a little easier. Book roasted. Hey, police rescue to small child who somehow got stuck in his own port and what is sure to be the first chapter of producer Jim's full roasted second gym, 25 year old manager Pan dated a cockroach named Elisa for a full year, which still sounds like a better bumbled date than Sean boom roasted. Invite you into this podcast. Mitch. This approach, it's just bumble. Sean was our roasting session room, roasted

Speaker 4:39:51movies,

Speaker 1:39:54so a couple of weeks back we talked about fire festival and the documentary that's been on Netflix as well as documentary on Hulu. Couple different ones. We're not getting back into that, but that the, both the documentaries have drummed up quite a bit of news and some unfortunate news if you are the likes of Kendall Jenner, emily, Roger Koski, Hailey Baldwin, formerly or now beaver and Bella Hadid, all of them in. By all of them, I mean they're, the agencies representing them are being subpoenaed right now because the model's received more than one point $2, million dollars collectively to promote the inept festival beforehand. And so now there's all kinds of court cases getting opened up. And this is nuts and if you will remember the Fyre festival was the, uh, was the brainchild of Billy Mcfarland who has been sentenced to six years in prison. He's still in there for defrauding investors of $26,000,000.

Speaker 1:40:55So is it bad that we're revisiting this? Can of worms? Is this, is this something that we really want to want us to keep, keep perpetuating? If it's going to mean that more and more people getting thrown under the bus. Is Hailey Baldwin? Are Her and bieber already met and they got married? They had kids well for himself. Yeah. She's not exactly slumming it either. She's, she's married to Justin beaver. These models will be fun. These models will be just fine. So drop in the bucket. These Kendall Jenner, she'll be fine. It's not like they knew what was going on. Subtopics. Some said that Travis Scott was going to propose to her at the superbowl halftime show and he did not. He did not. He was too worried about spongebob anyways. Um, yeah. I mean I don't know, but that's. I just want to bring that up for context because there was a lot of disparity that came out of that that season and the documentary is really highlighted that.

Speaker 1:41:49But there is a good story and this is really what I wanted to get to. What is. So do you remember in, I can't remember which documentary was, but there was the Bahamian restaurant owner Marianne role, a role a who spent $50,000 of her own money to feed these duped a terminus festival goers. Yup. Well, so she pretty much went, went broke to take care of them. Very unfortunate in a lot of people were horrendously screwed over in the process, but a rare moment of brightness on the Internet. There was a go fund me campaign that raised over a $140,000 for her. And so with that she has regained her losses and then some. So why is there no documentary over that? That's what I'm saying. It was on. So it was, she was, she was featured in the Netflix documentary probably three or four times and she kind of teared up, man.

Speaker 1:42:42Like she, her story. It was the most, it was the most captivating thing of that. Totally not actual documentary because you could tell that the people over there in the Bahamas, like they, they worked so dang hard. Like there's such a proud people. And like when she was literally breaking down in tears and she was like, I lost my store for this. Like that is one thing that the internet can do really well, is that they rally around these scenarios and that raised a ton of money for like, yeah, I was really happy to see that. It's nice. We're also coming off the heels of last week. We talked about patent Oswald, who had a troll that went after him and then he found out the guy has some serious hospital debt from medical bills and he Patton Oswald, had compassionate and got a whole bunch of people that donate to help this guy out with a go fund me campaign.

Speaker 1:43:27So it's neat to see the Internet used altruistically. It's neat to see people rally behind something that is worth now. And so even though this, these documentaries highlight the complete greed and uh, just gross snus of our culture, it also gives an opportunity for something pretty special there. So yeah, I'm proud of that. I liked a lot. Absolutely. One thing I'm not proud of though, Peta valley, they have been on our show twice. Not for good reasons. So what would you say, Mitch, if I told you Peta has beef? Uh, how do I use that joke again? Feed two birds with one home. They do cows with one. Not Cow. What if I told you that Peta has issue with toy story? Toy Story? Exactly. But they are two Americas. It's America's movie. Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, all that woody buzz. Well, there's the character we all know from our childhood Bo, peep and Bo peep is what is this and her sheets.

Speaker 1:44:28So Pina is upset with low peep who's voiced by the legendary. Any pots in. But peep is, is being reprized. Her role is being reprised into toy story four. So this is the first time in 20 years we've seen this character and they're bringing her back and she has an updated look, but she has her shepherd's crook. Right? And Peter is upset with that because a crook as apparently cruel because it's an instrument used unfairly in demeaningly pole sheep together and they're upset about this and they are literally petitioning against Pixar to take it out of the film. So math is there. Oh yeah, okay. There it is. I was wondering like that makes me sick my. My real question was is this real or is or as Peter just have incredible per their bread is delicious, but that is. It is. It is the only thing.

Speaker 1:45:21You guys are good for. Their wonderful character on the hunger games they care about, but their. But their PR is annoying. We're sensitive, right? That's what I'm so many thousands of years as a crook been used. That's what I'm saying is the Bible Time Sats, right? We're Christians here. We heard sheep thing is like, this can't be real. Like I look at these things, a pr that Peter has done, I think this surely they have some cracks. Social media team that just knows how to how to make ways and they're just drumming up attention because no one, no one would be upset about a shepherd's crook. Right? I mean maybe we're in a minority. I don't if they're, in my opinion, I have you guys seen all three of the toy stores. Look at it as does a bear crap in the woods or shady. If Pete is going to be upset about a crook, they, they put a hole in a pig's belly and called them the bank.

Speaker 1:46:14They've made a T. I mean there's too many other animals y'all can pick on. I don't understand what the obsession is and at the same time we're not really slaughtering sheep to eat them are we know it's usually for wool issue in the back so you know. But the pts probably still upset that we're even like, you know, thinking about domestic hang sheet. So I'm so excited for the movie though. It's going to be great. I'm very excited. So I started coming to theaters this year. Very excited. I still superflat very upset of though. So speaking of movies that are on the horizon a, there's a new batman that will be coming out in 20, 21 a directed by Matt Reeves and then then it kind of feels like a flavor of the month, kind of a deal where there's a new actor playing him every other year.

Speaker 1:46:59Most recently been athletic. We played them in that member's Superman and justice league, but Ben Affleck, he, you know, he got his feelings hurt because people slam those movies probably fairly, uh, however he's out. And so with that, there's all kinds of speculation as to who will be the new Batman and there've been a number of names thrown around, but one of the most notable ones is former twilight star and vampire crush of every girl in her adolescence, Robert Patterson Patterson. So he is being, I'd for the part of Batman. Good move. Bad Courage makes you cringe. Cringe. It's, it's an unconventional casting. If you have one person play Batman, who would it be? That's a great question. Anybody? Literally, anyone man say it. Say it. Answer your question. Say it with Christian Bale.

Speaker 1:47:55Batman of all time. So this is where I think the generation, so if you're a genx or in your millennial, this is really what divides us, like con conversation. Because if you're a millennial, you're going to say Christian Bale. And I agree, he is the best it's ever dawned in. If you're a genx , are you going to say Michael Keaton and the originals and literally to just to run down here, I am a bit of a nerd and I'm showing my hand here, but uh, we've seen the likes of Adam West, Michael Keaton, a val kilmer, George Clooney, Christian Bale, and Ben Affleck. He's a huge merit portray Batman and I agree. I think Christian Bale is the best, but who would you love to see play the role now? You get anyone? I think Jon Hamm from mad men would be a fantastic man.

Speaker 1:48:40I think he's got the look. I've got a dark horse. I want to hear him. Don't take this out of context. Peter might get me for that course. And so they're upset already. We've gotta be dark. He is the number one enemy of the Buzzer podcasts right now, or one of the number one enemy of them has got to be dark. Michael B Jordan. Ooh, good Batman. And a great pr move. I was going to say Darryl from the office, so that's perfectly different spin. Oh Man. Darrell Darrell. Moving on up from the warehouse to Batman, Baylor, Baylor, sorry. I do think I liked that. I liked Michael B Jordan a lot. He's, he's obviously blown up quite a bit and there had been rumors of him possibly being high for superman, but I think bannon would be a great fit for the guy's incredible shape. He's a good looking man, if I may say so myself and, and he's just.

Speaker 1:49:37He would, he was an actor. He's a great actor and I asked her doctor I loved them and create a loved him in, in Black Panther. Oh Man. A side note. There's rumors that he might be coming back from Black Panther to really, even though the spoiler alert is character died and the first one, but that's someone leak that. So interesting. We'll see what happens. Interesting. What about you guys? Well, we'll post it on social inner inner webs there, but who would you like to see as Batman or Colton from the bachelor? Coleman would be great. It'd be great. It'd be nice to have a Virgin Batman for once. Hey, you don't know what the other batmen did. Yeah, that's true. It can be virgin, it's all hearsay, had sports, there is quite a bit talk about in the sports world, obviously the superbowl was upon us this past and we have to get into the details of that game.

Speaker 1:50:31So as mentioned earlier in the show, this was the lowest rated game in the last decade and there's a lot of reasons for that. It was very defensive. It was not particularly exciting and warring in terms of touchdown scored. The touchdown scored was by Sony Michel, uh, for the, the Patriots running back, uh, that being said, Ramses not heavy single snap in the red zone and the Patriots only had one snap in the red zone and that was starting Michelle. And so this game is really been in the doldrums. A lot of people are frustrated by it, but I thought we could get into it real quickly. Kind of touched on it. What did you guys notice about this game? Like what do you, what stood out? What was upsetting? Go for it.

Speaker 3:51:17Well, I'll kick it off and then I'll let Mitch Talk. But I think for someone who plays fantasy football, um, my team was Mrs Studio girlies. I had todd Gurley all my squad. He had a great year for me. The um, he did have a great year for me. I can't believe in my heart of hearts that he didn't have some sort of injury. I mean, don't get me wrong. I love the Cinderella Story. Cj Anderson, he had an awesome year. Like this guy has been passed around the league. The rams came in as one of the highest authentic profile teams outside of maybe the chiefs for them to only put up three points. I know their coach came out and said it was my fault. I didn't have the right schema going. But um, I mean we all thought this would be more of a shootout. And I mean, I know we already talked that it was a boring game, but with Todd Gurley back there and cj playing, well you have jared goff, who's one of the most proficient NFL quarterbacks out there. They'd, they snagged three or four solid wide receivers. Yeah, they lost Cooper Cup totally. And their defense is solid. But um, yeah, offensively speaking it was a big bus for me,

Speaker 1:52:18niche men, so I actually played against your golf my junior year and I played against some really good, I mean played against Baker Mayfield, Patrick, my homes. I mean these guys are leading the NFL right now. I would argue that jared goff was one of the most incredible core quarterbacks I've ever played. I mean, just incredible. I mean putting the ball exactly where it needs to be a and it just blows my mind that bill bellacheck kept him out of the red zone. How this has been one of the most proficient oftentimes all season long and just made them look like a seventh grade quarterback. I mean it's, I mean to me, I think bill belichick is the most underrated under talked about coach player, whatever involved the NFL. He's, he's kind of either he's the Popovich of, of the NFL or, or below check is the, the, you know, we're Popovich's tricks. But you're right, like these are, these coaches are truly just driven and committed to the game. They're understated in they're disciplined and they just have a way of making something happen with, with, with these athletes that like Sony Michel probably not going to be a star on your. The team, me as his rookie season, he's got a lot out of them

Speaker 3:53:37and he was banged up with knee injuries about this. These are bone on bone. Like, I mean this guy, they could. You're exactly right. I mean, as much as I hate the spurs, like you're exactly right. That bill belichick and take any player out there, Chris Hogan, Julian Edelman, who literally was a back in college to undrafted this guys a stud. I mean this guy knows how to coach his players and Tom Brady's the greatest of all time. People like to to compare the warriors and the Patriots, but they couldn't be farther from the lawyers. Are All five players on the floor are allstars patriots, Tom Brady and I say, who? Who can you name on defense? I can't name a single person question.

Speaker 1:54:20Which brings me into an excellent point that throughout the 19 seasons Tom has been in the nfl slash or the Patriots. He has been the one consistent piece. Sure. There've been heavy hitters and hall of Famers, Future Hall of famers like Gronk and I imagined edelman is probably going to be a hall of Famer. I think maybe the gray area is a hall of Famer. I mean like, I mean like hey maybe. But that being said, tom is definitely all favor. Tom is not only a hall of Famer, Tom Is, is at this point, undeniably the greatest of all time when it comes to football, football and he's got his six championship this year and there really wasn't a great storyline coming in or out of this, but the one that I think is most interesting is now that Tom has six championships, he's tied. Michael Jordan, uh, hear me out this apples to oranges.

Speaker 1:55:15These are two different sports, but I thought it'd be an interesting conversation. Interesting debate here, who's had the more impressive career legacy. See time until. So let me read off a few stats here and then we're gonna all get into it a bit. Tom, just real quick here. Six championships, nine super bowl appearances to time, NFL MVP for time. Superbowl MVP, 14 time pro bowler, 19 seasons in the league. Married to gel so that counts. That totally counts. She's awesome. And then Michael Jordan, quick stats here. Six, uh, six NBA championships, five times NBA Mvp, six times nba finals, mvp, 14 time. All Star three time. All Star Mvp. Fifteen seasons in the MBA also as Olympic gold medal. So gentlemen, the question was scratch Golfer, also a scratch golfer. He played baseball. Not very well, but that's irrelevant. It's a moot point. That's a good cut mic. That's good. Cut. Good. Cut. Mine. And he was in space jam. Also important. Favorite myth. So who's had the more impressive career Jaydee go.

Speaker 3:56:25I think we should go back and forth on this, which is totally fine. Um, what defines a legacy? Let's start there. I think this is actually really tough comparison because with the NBA perfect. With the MBA, if I had to compare Lebraun you, boy, if I had to compare Lebron with Mj, there's a lot of things I could decipher. There's added factors where I could say, okay, this person had this teammate, but when I look at what makes Tom Brady a leader and a champion and what makes Michael Jordan a leader and a champion, think about the way that they are off the off the field or off the court too. Tom Brady, time and time again, you see them on the sidelines. He's pumping his players up. He's telling everybody's in his head saying, you're too old for this year. Too old for this. He kind of has A.

Speaker 3:57:12I don't give an f attitude exactly how Michael Jordan did. If you look at athleticism on its own, Tom Brady, he's not the flashiest quarterback in the pocket, but it doesn't matter. I think he ran us 48 about a minute and a half. I mean it was bad. It was bad, but both to an extent are underdog stories where Mj, the famous story, he was cut from his high school basketball team. He came back, played for UNC. I don't know man. The same sort of thing like with with Mj. He won a couple championships in a row, took the time off, came back in one more. Same with Tom Brady. So I'm torn. I mean I'm. I'm honestly torn. To me these two sports aren't convertible. I mean not look at Tom Brady. That's how. But if you plugged plugged Peyton manning or I mean any, any quarterback displayed over the past 20 years, that's been halfway decent in bill, Bill, Bill belichick system.

Speaker 3:58:14I think it's the same outcome really. I really do. Maybe maybe not six, maybe four, maybe five, but then I look at Michael Jordan and basketball. So much driven by star power and to win six NBA championships is so hard because you think about five guys on the court. That's it. At the same time you're playing 40 minutes consistently on an NFL team. Your offensive scheming, you've got 11 guys out there at the same time. It's a tough comparison from the sport, but as far as a legacy, like what they've done for their city, what they've done given the circumstances. I'm trying to think of like, would you consider which like which superbowl would you consider as Tom Brady's most important? I mean they've all kind of been like, even this year, like they were kind of underdogs. He's just, this is the first time Tom's won by more than one. They just, they just go through the motions. Like I would categorize and to end my statement, Tom Brady's the greatest of all time for NFL and Michael Jordan's my all time greatest for Mba. I'm going to come at you with one more dark horse. Police get off my ass.

Speaker 1:59:23You heard it here. First folks get off his ass. Don James, why are we not discussing Lebron James Having this conversation? Let's have a quick Mj without pj real quick there with, with Mj and Lebron because we only have a little bit of time left on this topic, but yeah, I think that's fair. I think Lebron has. He's still in his career and there's a lot that could happen and I believe in the value of inflation and I think Lebron's championship with the cavs means more than any one of mgas championships. Considering what he wanted, what he wanted against her, we had to be. I, I met you and I are on the same page. I love Lebron. I think Lebron is better than Mj. I know that's a controversial take and you know that's going to Piss off a lot of folks. That's where I stand, but I think it is also a, a gen x and yeah, we're kind of showing her hand.

Speaker 1:60:14Anyone you talk to that's over 30 at Mj is that have grown up watching the Bron Bron. It's true. Or real quick here. Even though we could open up this can of worms, a producer Jim sent me a quote and I think this is worth worth noting instead of campaigning for title of goat. Tom Brady himself does not agree with that title. He said this morning, this is Tuesday. He said, I don't agree with that and I'll tell you why. It's against Peta, Peta, no goats, no goats or harm during this podcast because the crux of milk, even tow story for is cruel. And then he also said, I know myself as a player. I'm really a product of what I've been around, who I was coached by, what I played against in the air I played in. I really believe that a lot of people were in my shoes.

Speaker 1:61:01They could accomplish the same kinds of things, so I've been very fortunate, so some humility there from Tom and it's impressive. It's impressive. It's impressive. I think Tom is the goat and football, but I appreciate his, his, his modesty there. Obviously there's no clear answer to this. I just think it's interesting to compare in obviously espn, like call us espn because we're just going to run a bunch of leases. Conjecture, but yeah. But yeah, I mean there's, there's definitely conversation there, but tom is the best in his sport. Mj was the best of his time. Will broaden, will be the best of all time in basketball. But you know, and I do agree with what you said, I do agree with what you said that literally on under Bill Bellacheck, whoever they plug into that quarterback is, as long as they're running that offensive scheme under bill, they're going to be fun.

Speaker 1:61:45Totally learned to be fun. So we would be remissed if we didn't quickly to touch on the NBA trade rumors going on today, Tuesday year of our Lord of February fifth, 2000 and Nineteen Anthony Davis and the whole whole drama there. The Lakers have pulled out. So originally their final, their final offer include the likes of Lonzo, charisma, Ingram, heart zoomlock, KCP and two first round draft picks. But the Pelicans didn't like that and they want all that in. Additionally, they want six to eight draft picks. He's made a glass man. It Ain't worth it. It's greedy, it's ridiculous. And the list of teams that Anthony Davis is actually willing to sign with longterm include the Lakers. The next, the bucks and the clippers not included or the celtics in not included. Obviously, as we all know are the Pelicans. Real Quick Gentlemen, where do you think Anthony Davis is going to end up?

Speaker 1:62:42Obviously this might happen tomorrow. The deadline is Thursday, Thursday. So I think it's not going to be the Lakers. This is liberal and trying to play gm again. He does this, he's good at it. He's okay, but he's not good at it. Right. I think it's going to be the next dark horse. Watch out. Peter went to Horace Mann. Wild horses. I did not know the bucks were in the running the next year. Coming to keep in mind though, this is. This is when he is free after a year, who he would sign a sign with long term, so that does not mean who's going to get trained to. He almost comes off as like a Hawaiian Leonard where he's got people just whisper in his ear just telling you what you should do. Is that. I don't know. I get a feeling that by Thursday nothing's going to happen.

Speaker 1:63:29That's my hot take. My heartache and all this is why he's going to get sentenced to the north. I think he's going to end up in Toronto for a year and I think Toronto is totally happy. Just to be that they've got. They still have their. Toronto is going to be that team. It's like we know our place. We know where the exile team of the franchise. A franchise of the league. Come on to us. We'll take care of you, we'll see you next week and on the Buzzer will obviously address us and figure out where my hot take is that he goes nowhere for. There it is. Yup. And Janie, just for you present. Gus went to map my Dallas Mavericks got a big, he's seven foot three and he can shoot the ball. KRISTAPS porzingis super, super excited, but we got rid of all my favorite guys. What are you going to do? Dennis Smith, Jr Cuban. Loves those European white guys. Dirk. Now we got Luca. Chris stops with a bunch of white guys had broke. Don't fix it. It ain't broke. Don't fix it. They had take on the bus. Take Mark Cube.

Speaker 1:64:26This is the last segment of the show. This is at the buzzer and this is where we always throw around a random topic this week with. We just thought we'd go ahead and get ahead of it. Superbowl 20 slash 20 is going to be in Miami and this is super bowl 54 and we thought it's a little too soon, but as our most of our jokes, let's go ahead and just give you our premature predictions on who's going to win the superbowl next year. So jd, go ahead and take it away. What's your gut? Pink and then what's your heart pick? Two different. Two different pics is a great question. Sean. My Gut, my gut pick next year. Besides the Patriots because I think patriots or rams? Both. Openness favorites. Corn event. Yeah. Because already know my heart's telling me my gut. I think the rams will be back, but my gut, I liked the chiefs.

Speaker 1:65:18I liked the chiefs. I Love Pouch moms. My heart says cowboys. I'm from Dallas. Not going to happen but I got to reform. Um, I'm saying the chief's next year, that's my big get big. I'm actually going to second that. I think my gifts telling me that uh, the chiefs, Andy Reid is figured something out. This is the best. I've seen the change in a long time. My home's really does look like he's the future and I mean he absolutely, he's the MVP, so obviously he is. I think they're going to do it, but that being said, my heart and my true soul connects with the Seattle seahawks have been a ride or die man for a long time and honestly not for nothing because Mike, I know you're listening now that Mitch has shared this with you, a big fan and I will buy your jersey. Just get us to the superbowl again. You and Russ. Collaborate. Get it done. I'm a big fan. No matter what happens, I'm gonna. Get Your Lime Green Jersey. By the way, that's the one with the, you know the, the why, the involvement of Russia. That's a good one. How do you say your name in Australia? That's the real question there. I'm asking handle Michael. Michael, okay.

Speaker 1:66:26Any who? Yeah. Was My heart. Tells me seahawks. My Gut tells me that the chiefs, but no, no. My Gut tells me the seahawks screw that car at all. I don't care. Is All in all in bitch my gut. I got to go with the Patriots. Tom Brady has a 78 percent get to the AFC championship game. It's hard to be. That's. That's better than Lebron making a free throw. Oh man, that's a good stat. I'd say good. That's a really good that. So it's a good bet, right? It is. But honestly, if I was, if always putting money down, it'd be hard for me to go against the Patriot. There's no way they're going to have a worse team than they did this year. No. Tommy the law. A little. They're going to load up. They're gonna. Keep Guy. I mean, so you're your biggest. My Gut gut.

Speaker 1:67:20Pick your heart pitch a good bet. Harpic. I got to go with the Texans. That's what I'm talking about. My hometown team. Sean as a DJ. It's a heart around since the David Carr days, those. That was the beginning of that franchise. Johnson, man, we've been through some times. Sure. This is the best thing we've ever had to Shannon Watson's figuring it out. I'd be so happy for it. For the Texans. I think 20 slash 20 is the year. I love it. Well, there you have it. Jd is is going with the the chiefs, but hoping for the cowboys as the seahawks and hoping for the seahawks and Mitch Dot [inaudible] with the paths hoping for the Texans. What do you think now we would love to hear from you and always this is a great show to call into because producer Jim and field it. Jim says the St Louis Rams. He still, he still believes the Ramsar in St Louis. Go with the Houston oilers and a sergeant. There's some good precedence there. Producer

Speaker 2:68:16Jim, everyone, St Louis Rams. Well folks, this is the end of the show. Thanks for tuning in, Jd, and I always appreciate you listening. Yes sir. We do, but we also appreciate our pal. Mitch. Mitch, thanks for joining us today, man. It was fun having you happen to be here. Love talking sports and hot, cold manner. What better things are there to talk about? No, this. I'm asking you, Mitch, what better things are there to talk about? We could have talked to these here as we drank it. Dude whiskey. It was just the buzzer button on that topic podcast. We're looking at when looking at 21 savage. We're looking for sponsors when looking for sponsors. Absolutely. If you have a local brew, bring it in. Britain gets here. We can grow grant or it gets until then, it part your ways. You have a good one. We'll catch you next week on the buzzer. Bye Bye now. Bye Bye now.

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