E012 -Elon Musk and Harambe, Sex and the City, Game of Thrones, LeBron vs MJ, The Office vs. Parks and Rec | FEAT. Barry Rivera and Benji Rivera

April 2, 2019

FEAT. Barry Rivera and Benji Rivera.

POP CULTURE: City of Austin Parks and Rec Game. Full House College Scandal Episode. Elon Musk raps about Harambe.

TV: 21 Seasons of Law & Order SVU, Sex and the City follow up, Game of Thrones.

MOVIES: Jared Leto might be the Joker again, Ghostbusters 3 casting update, Mark Hamill to voice Chucky.

SPORTS: LeBron's season is over. MJ vs. LeBron: The GOAT vs the BOAT.

AT THE BUZZER: The Office vs. Parks and Recreation Bracketology - Championship.

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