E03 - Special Guest: Jason Fox (NFL Alumni/Earbuds CEO), Super Bowl Predictions, Valentine's Sweethearts, Twitter Trolls

January 30, 2019

This episode, we were joined by special guest, NFL Alum, and Earbuds CEO, Jason Fox.

POP CULTURE: Valentine's Candy and Rat Poison, and Patton Oswald saves a Twitter Troll's Life.

TV: 'The Office' teaches a man CPR and saves another life.

BOOM. ROASTED: Prince Philip Edition.

SPORTS: Should Tom Brady retire? Where should Anthony Davis end up?

AT THE BUZZER: Super Bowl Prop Bets and Predictions.


5:50 - Pop Culture
15:25  - TV
19:55 - Boom Roasted
21:07 - Sports
37:22 - At The Buzzer




[00:00] Today's episode of the Buzzer is brought to you by a $20 bill I stole from producer Jim's wallet. Thanks buddy.

[00:10] On today's episode of the Buzzer, we're talking about the grosses candy ever and why it doesn't exist anymore. You probably got the hint because it's gross and we're talking about how a comedian who's in a twitter feud actually ended up saving this man's life and became buddies with his troll. Then we're going to go ahead and dive into sports, talk about what's going on with the super bowl, Tom Brady in the no call with the rams and the saints, and then we're going to go ahead and dive into some NFL super bowl prop decks and as a bonus today filling in for jd, we have my buddy Alex cursive and our special guest hosts of the day

[00:50] bell alum and CEO of the APP earbuds, Jason Fox, all that and more. On today's episode of the Buzzer, we are here with my buddy Jason. Jason had you all. He was in the Promo earlier when we mentioned him before the show, but Jason is a, well, he's a man of all trades, many trades, at least you are an nfl alum. You played six seasons in the league, a few of which were blocking for Matthew Stafford in the lines. And then you went over to Miami where you actually went to college as well. And you blocked her Tan Hill and uh, well, Yep. You're whooping. That's right. You're an Aggie and I'm not Jason, Alex. and then more recently and I think what I really want to get into here, you started up an app called earbuds and watching it and tell us, tell us all about.

[01:42] Yeah, absolutely. Well first of all, thanks for having me. This is awesome. Pleasure to be here. And uh, yeah, so earbuds, thought of this idea. Literally during my time in the nfl we were playing Carolina the first game of the season when I was with the lions and I was warming up right next to Cam Newton. And while I'm doing my super boring lineman stretch routine, but I do do before games can, is the same as gymnast if I'm not exactly. I was uh, absolutely, uh, I'm not going to get into that, but yeah. So cams warming up and he's just getting into the zone. He's got his Hoodie on, he has his beats on and he's just dancing and he's jamming. He's trying to, you know, getting into the zone, getting into the group before the game and you know, he was five feet away from me and I, you know, I was curious what he was listening to, but almost instantly after that I was like, man, there's 85,000 people in the stands.

[02:32] Millions more watching this game at home and canvas individual that has tens of millions of social media followers. I thought how many people would love to be in his headphones at that moment. Right? I kept seeing more and more opportunities for that. So when I wrapped up my career, I thought there's this too big of an opportunity not to do something about it. So I decided to start a company called ear buds. And what it does is links with the already existing spotify or apple music account and instead of just listening to music, it allows you to broadcast it and you become your own personal radio station where people can tune in, live and listening along with you. Then it functions like social media if people can chat or interact or collaborate on playlists and you can even save songs back to your spotify or apple. So it's basically like an instagram for music or a twitch stream of music. And it really is designed to make music more social and discoverable.

[03:24] It really is a great app. I've listened to long to a few of your playlist. And what I appreciate about you, Jason, is you have quite a love for the hip and the hop you've been known to throw down some, some good rap music there.

[03:37] Yeah, I mean I, I've, I have a pretty eclectic tastes. The office sometimes wonder how I go from Texas country to like nineties hip hop in like a ice cube and stuff like that. But, uh, it, you know, it's fun. I like all different types of tastes depending on what my mood is. And I think that's what's cool about music is, you know, music is so inherently social, but it hasn't been shared, uh, like you can on any other platform like, you know, photos, videos, tweets, thoughts, statuses like those others, all sources a all channels to share your thoughts, but there's no channels to really share your music. And so now this allows you to kind of a different look and design someone's brain, you know, what kind of mood they're in or what kind of music they like. And so that's what we're really just trying to empower and what we're trying to allow people to share.

[04:24] And you guys have gotten a lot of traction to. You've got got some love from a few few athletes are already in the process and most recently. Tell us about some of the people that have been van, uh, Sharon ear buds.

[04:36] Yeah. Well, recently, even as late as last night, uh, we had several of the x games players using it while. And what's cool about the x games and extreme sports is they're actually listening to music, a lot of them are during their event and it's unlike, you know, football or basketball that no one's out there dribbling with headphones on. So this is a really cool, uh, just, uh, also another avenue avenue to get in their head space of what they're listening to as they're going down the mountain or as they're catching a ton of air on the halfpipe. So it really cool. We got a know guys from football in the NFL, NBA really every along the lines of all traditional sports and, you know, some sport guys, we're still figuring that out right now and doing partnerships with twitch and everything else. So it's a lot of exciting stuff. Uh, you know, everything's happening really fast, but things are exciting right now at Airbus and so exciting times ahead.

[05:30] I, I agree and very excited because this is the closest I've ever come to feeling like an athlete, a lot of wish fulfillment for me. And so you're doing a great thing. I appreciate you coming on the show today. Appreciate you. Uh, talking about earbuds and the fun fact, Jason is our third host today joining Alex and I. So without further ado, let's get into the show and stood pop culture. Now, gentlemen, Valentine's Day is right around the corner and I don't know if you guys have given it much thought. I certainly have not, but reading this article has definitely given me some interest here. You remember those? Uh, those little candies, the sweethearts, the. Yeah, it was, what would we call them, Jim? The ones that, that shared sentiments, you know, the name of it, producer Jim has always beacon of knowledge. No, they were like the ones like I love you and hugged me and all that weird stuff on their sweethearts sweethearts.

[06:30] Well, yeah, but there's like a word for it and it doesn't matter. Anyway, it really was chocolate or controversial candy. It is, it certainly is a controversial case because that goes are super old school. A little aside here. Uh, the New England confectionery company, Neko, Neko, uh, they went out of business. Uh, we grew up having echoes in my household because they were my mom's favorite candy when she was growing up and there were no one's favorite candy when I was growing. I was even going on your, I mean I say it's all respect. Who hurt your mom was a tough life and we always had them

[07:13] laid out in bowls around Valentine's Day growing up. But literally that's what it was for. It was decoration like Potpourri, like nobody stuck their on that. Like after enough time has passed. It's like April and we need it throw these away. It's all one congealed.

[07:30] Especially in the Houston humidity. Have you guys ever had like the straight up necco wafers though? Because they do like a year round. NECCO wafers no longer because out of business, but they also do the sweet hearts sweet whatever there. Ah, what we're, we're even looking for. The thing about necco is they went out of business, so in our business, so they're around anymore, but they had like a year round candy that was just as bad as their Valentine's Day candy. None of it was really exceptional and I think that's really caught on, but the reputation while I was never great has been officially tarnished because there has been significant. They were shut down due to significant evidence of rodent activity, really unsanitary conditions and they found rat feces in a lot of their, their vats and candy making well, you know, contraptions, so they've shut them down and I'm going to go to and say this is a good thing.

[08:26] It's a good thing for multiple levels are multiple reasons I think, but that when I, when I hear that, it honestly scares me more than anything else because like I'm a fan of candy or anything else, there's probably or probably not the only company that is dealing with this. So much. Candy has rat poo in it. That's what I'm saying. Like when I hear things like that, like I've mentioned, like what candy did I eat today? So this is, this is terrifying. Thanks Sean. Absolutely.

[08:51] Now I have a quick. Before we get to have a quick aside, I didn't see what, why they were shut down.

[08:56] The sisal areas, uh, wrote an activity though I subbed in for a friend and we're going to center. It was an unnamed college football stadium. Could have been any college football stadium and I was doing concessions there and we get there in. The first thing we do is we wiped down all the stove tops with bleach, rub it down really good because it turns out there's a lot of road to Sullivan football stadiums. And the entire stove top was covered in rat Turd, which, which could have been anywhere.

[09:30] We don't know where it could be any college football, honestly, probably every college football stadium, hard to say. I will say this to the defense of Neko in, in these commercial ball stadium, uh, to, to, to their defense. We loved the movie Ratatouille. So I think, I think there should be a little bit of leniency here. I mean, adorable rats in the kitchen. This is actually quite romantic narrative spice of life. But for those of you Weirdos who actually do like Nico's candy all, it's not all bad news because Krispy Kreme donuts is actually picking up the slack. Is your about this gas basically they are making the uh, the same type of, I love you like a Emoji type type, shape donuts as, as the sweethearts. They're making those in donut form and the serving him this Valentine's Day. So if you really want to impress your lady or the woman you want to be your lady, go ahead and give him a nice wrap.

[10:30] Free dozen donuts Krispy kremes over the net goes any day. I think that's the move. That's a big win for America right there. A lot of things have been shutting down, but this is a good thing to shut down. So there you all right fellas, it's not all bad news. I know there's a lot of doom and gloom out there, but this headline is actually what the people need to hear right now. And these, these trying times, uh, you guys familiar with Patton, Oswald comedian. Super Familiar, but I know you've probably seen him in a lot of different things. A very funny guy, a comedian. He's, he's been vocal about his opinions in the past and there was a story that came out recently where a man named Michael beady in Alabama, he's a Vietnam veteran on twitter, were most productive conversations happen. Uh, Michael Beady, impatent Oswald got into a spat a bed.

[11:24] This is actually pretty funny. He responded to one of a Oswald's probably more politically charged tweets and saying in, this is Michael Bs response. He said, quote, I just realized why I was so happy you died in Blade Trinity. He said, this is a baton. Oswald drea him directly, which is kind of funny. And Oswald even admitted it was kind of funny. And he smiled and he started a jabbing back, inspiring a little bit back and forth. And then in the, in the chaos of it as well, realize that bd had posted a go fund me account because Michael Beady, it actually racked up quite a hospital bill with a to treat sepsis kidney failure in Keto acidosis. And Oswald saw it. And this week kind of floored me. Uh, basically Patton Oswald on twitter said, Oh man, this dude just attacked me on twitter. And I joked back, but then I looked at his timeline.

[12:20] He's in a lot of trouble. Health wise, I'd be pissed off too. He's been dealt some crappy cards, but let's deal with some good ones a and donate in from that. Patton Oswald and his followers were able to raise $35,000 for Michael Beady, about five k more than he needed. And the two of them have changed. The tide. Michael be responded and said a patent. You have humbled me to the point where I can barely compose my words. You have caused me to take pause and reflect on how harmful words from my mouth could result in such an outpouring. A thank you for this. And I will pass this on to my cousin who needs help. And the two are reportedly going to meet up in Alabama in cement, their newfound friendships to move. That's great. Super Cool. So I mean like I've had I think is the best thing I've heard in awhile and there's like nothing good that comes out of twitter. Every story you hear about twitter it's like, oh, someone's. Someone's life is ruined. This is really cool.

[13:19] You just stole the words out of my mouth, like twitter is like the land patrols live, like I hate twitter when I played, like I'd loved getting on young and when I was early in my career, um, but I mean if you joked around with anybody, like everybody attacked you or if you lost a game, you had a bad game, like everybody just went after your throats. And so I've always, uh, you know, had this certain sort of disdain towards twitter, but this is awesome. I'm glad. I'm glad there's some good that comes from it.

[13:47] There's, there's a, there's a rear civil lining. They're going back to you handling twitter trolls. Uh, did you ever have like, do you find a rhythm in your time in the league to, to build, like get that, to bounce off your back or what did you, how did you get past someone just gunning for you?

[14:02] I think it's a little, uh, you know, early on, never feels good when people just go after the right because you think it's personal and you're like, wow, did I really have a bad game? Or did I really contribute this much to our teams last, but then I realized like the best players on the team, you know, the pro bowl is they're going after them just as hard after the, after a loss. And it's like, okay. And then so I got over it pretty quickly and I've just learned to ignore it. And by the end of my career, probably the last several years I wasn't even checking twitter. Maybe less. We just want to game her. I just had it. Let's open this up, let's see what they say. But, uh, no, I don't know it. I think, uh, I think sometimes people can get pretty miserable and they want to take it out on other people. I'm sure their favorite football team losing is a great opportunity to do that. But, so, I don't know. I think, uh, I think twitter does

[14:51] a lot of great things. It's, it's one of the fastest news source out there. But, um, it also has many dark sides that

[14:58] unfortunately I've seen a couple of them. I've gotten a lot of mean tweets, namely from Alex. he was single time in a nice way so I'm glad you said it needs to be said or didn't say it's out there. But um, but you're right, Jason, I'm going to implement these techniques and next time Alex says I hate you. I'm going to say I know. I do too. Just trying to get us all on the same page. Absolutely as well as well. You should. Alright, well we are bringing lots and lots of good news today and this is my favorite story of the week. You guys saw this out there. It is Monday so they could get topped. It could be hard to be. So I think it's safe to. We're all fans of the show. The office of course. Yes. And so if you as, if you weren't already an office fan or if you're on the fence, this is what's going to sway you right here. So Cross Scott was a, is a tire shop technician in Arizona.

[15:59] Michael Scott's brother. Exactly.

[16:06] Cross, uh, Gary Scott and Michael's brother, a tire shop technician in Arizona. Saw a woman unconscious in her car. So he broke into the car and found her unresponsive, and two other women who were passing by, they called nine slash 11, but a Scott realized that the paramedics were going to be a while away. So he took it upon himself to, uh, go and you CPR. Then he realized, oh wait, I don't know how to do CPR, but I think he thought, Oh yes, I do, because he remember the episode, the office from season five, the, uh, I believe it's a safety, a safety training is what's called or fire safety. And he remember that episode where they literally do cpr to the two of the bgs and because of that he saved the woman's life. And the best part is that show starts with Dwight saying today, smoking is going to save us. And it did greatest story of the year already. It's definitely up for it. Yeah, it's got a nominee. It's got to be a nominee. It's honestly incredible. It's an incredible show. Really, really good. You laugh a lot and then you also get a warm fuzzy feeling when you know it's actually changing people's lives in the room.

[17:19] Totally not only that, but like let's stick it more on the comedic side every second. That has to be one of the best episodes. Like I watched that clip so many time. We're ever cold open. Yeah. What do we do now that I've watched that two minutes left? Oh, that's such a good. We're

[17:46] talking about you need to watch the office. This is the greatest show ever, and this is the greatest episode ever because not only is it start with the fire, not only is there the training, but it literally ends with Michael Scott Roasting the entire office, which if you ever wondered where boom roasted came from, it's that episode. Gosh, there's so much in that episode. It has to be like I would speak about nominees. I wouldn't nominate that as one of the top officers aside. I agree. It's crazy. It's my favorite open for sure. Every time I see you asked her kicking his legs, so here's the question that that may be the greatest episode, most cringey episode of the office, one in mind who want to see if you don't get the same one. Now think for a second. There was one in particular that, I mean there's a few that are real tough to get through, but there is one that when Michael has them over to his house for the house, that's my second dinner dinner.

[18:47] Dinner Party at the dinner party is one of the most difficult episodes, but there's one that is just straight up unfair. I can't believe I'm not thinking of it because there's definitely some cringey ones, but. All right. What'd you got shot? Do you remember the episode where Michael Scott promised a group of for context, Michael Scott promised a group of fifth graders. He would pay their entire college tuition by the time they were seniors. Like you would pay for all of it and then it comes time to, to, to collect and he can't do it in these children are inner city kids who have celebrate him. They have t shirts printed out. They say Scott's tots and they have like seven songs. Songs and Scott got dreams come true. I actually saying that to gym every day. Hey Mr Jim, you going to do. And, uh, that, that episode is tough. I even watched the other day with the audio off and it hurt just as bad because you just know what's happening. That's a rough, that's a rough one there. But yeah. So on the plus side. So lives they're saving lives and ruining them all at the same time.

[19:56] Oh, roasting is boom roasted where we take actual headlines, bold straight from the news and we roast them. We're going to go ahead and get things started here. Alejandro, take it away. Ninety seven year old Prince Philip, apologize to the woman he earlier this month was the fence. How else isn't going to meet a woman roasted? The driver escaped from a car crash without injuries after driving blindfolded as inspired by the movie bird box. Looks like. Looks at it again. Book roasted a man clung to the hood of an suv during a high speed and road rage. Incident. Again, principal obstructed driving, roasted the band. The mountain goats announced a dungeons and dragons as part of the album. And not all can get women roasted a toddler in North Carolina survive hanging out with the bear in the woods for two days, which turns out is still safer than driving with Prince Philip roasted. There you have it. It was quite the roasting century. Had their good times. Everyone sports.

[21:10] Here we are. This is our superbowl episode. Not that we're doing any real fan favorite. This is the rule, but we should talk about football related things, especially since we are in the presence of an NFL. Elon. And they, uh, there was a press conference the other day and Tom Brady, I don't know if you've heard of him, Jason, he says that he's literally quarterback, but he's apparently done pretty well in recent years. And he was asked if he was going to retire after the superbowl, win or lose. And he responded with zero percent chance. Tom Brady is 41 years old. He's spent almost half his life. Nineteen seasons in the NFL. He's just had five super bowl championships, nine appearances on Sunday. We'll make nine. Um, he's had 14 pro bowl selections and he's been a first team all pro three times this season. He's done pretty well. I'll give you some stats here. Uh, I mean he's not top of the charts, but he's, he's in the back. Uh, he's complete 66 percent of his passes and he's thrown for over 4,300 yards with 29 touchdowns. 11 interceptions. My question gentlemen, should Tom Retire after the season? As soon as water Subaru thing?

[22:23] I think we all would.

[22:24] Yeah, I um, I don't know, it'd be great for him to go out on top if they win, but I just don't think you will. Like I think it's us debating about. I mean he said he won't, but it's hard to just wants to keep going and yeah, you gotta you gotTa love like the, the mindset that he approaches games with like a, you know, it's not a cocky mindset but he just knows what it takes and he's willing to put it in and honestly I'm a fan of them. And even like what he said before the, the AFC championship game and how you approached that game, it was just like, it's hard not to root for the guy. And I know there's a lot of haters out there that hate on him and eight on the Patriots, but I don't think you'll find the buzzers.

[23:06] Actually a very much a pro goat, a radio show podcast. Tom Brady being top of that list. Lebron emj. We're big fans of Baldwin. But Tom, especially that guy's work ethic is insane. I watched some of the Tom versus time on facebook and it's fascinating. Like the guy's diet, he's, his regiment is low for her son. Love for his son. I mean, he's a family man. The whole thing. Give them a little peck. Knew all of the, all the Boston fans. Like it's not weird. Case my case, my dad in lips all the time. It's fine. Uh, Alex, if you kiss me on the lips, so help me, my dad. Yeah, you might

[23:46] be. It's hard to say, but yeah, I mean, who would you say were some of the harder working guys? Uh, were they in your time?

[23:54] Oh man, there's, there's a lot. I feel like everybody works unless you're demarcus Russell. Well, but that, that's actually a good point because like, I don't think you really lasts beyond like year three, maybe four if you're not one of the hardest working guys around. Sure. If you're in year five, six, seven a year. Was He 19 when you read those off? I was like, oh, is that, it looked like my stats there for a second. But uh, okay. You guys left a little too hard. I mean the guys, I mean the guy has been in more superbowl parents then in way more than I even had years in the NFL. So I mean it is beyond impressive what he's been able to accomplish and you know, at this point I just want to see him go. I mean I think he's obviously established himself as one of the top, if not the top. I mean I think he has to be more than just in the conversation for the Best Cup of all. Totally.

[24:46] If I feel like if he gets six rings, there's no irony in a conversation with me because at that point, and I mean literally almost a decade of appearances, pretty, pretty damn impressive. Yeah. I honestly, I'd love to see the guy goes on as he can. Um, I, I used to be one of those, those juvenile haters of Tom and then it clicked for me about five years ago. This guy is just awesome and we're witnessing something special. And so I love it. I'm a big fan of it. I Hopi, Hopi. I'm rooting for him because I'm a seahawks fan and I can't stand the rams and especially after what happened, I don't feel like they should be there. But that brings us to this second conversation. So we talked last week on the show. I know you guys aren't here, but jt and I were talking about obviously the, the, the, the no call penalty and in everything that happened and that was making the case that no game should ever come down to one play and there's so much more drew brees and not out playing golf in that game.

[25:41] And there were lots of things that could have been different. However, what's very interesting is on Friday, last Friday, the January 25th, the nfl who has been very quiet about the no call, uh, they did fine. The rams a defensive back, nickel Robbie Coleman for helmet to helmet and Roger Goodell has been quiet. The league's been quiet and Robbie Coleman and acknowledged that it was passing interference. And, and this was obviously a huge moment, pinnacle moment of the NFC championship game could have swayed the outcome. You guys already know that, but here's the question, was the league right to find him without acknowledging the no call? I think about five minimum. They're kind of acknowledging and they'll call, right? But it didn't quite around that, like there's, there's been no conversation outside of public statement, but I feel like most, most of the time it's just, I don't know how it all works,

[26:36] Jason. Yeah. It's Kinda different because this is like been in the limelight and that there's probably one clip has been showed on sport center of about 60 million times since the game. Um, but that's actually not uncommon right? If you have a, if you have a face mask that doesn't get called or you know, you uh, you know, dive in in the back of someone's legs that doesn't get caught on or it doesn't get a flag thrown on you is very common. The other team has, I think, I don't know the exact time, but it's like two or three days descendant fine reports to the league and whether it was called or not, uh, there's not a huge correlation there and fines. And so there's a lot of times if you get flagged for it in like, okay, I remember my, my first, it was my third preseason game, illegal hands to the face in college, leave you get a penalty. It's like whatever. And then I had a $5,000 fine in my locker the next day and I was like, wait a minute, I've got to pay these. And, but there's also been times I've gotten fine where they didn't then throw a flag because they, they submitted it and the NFL, uh, agreed with it. So it's, it's, uh, it's something that a lot. I think it. So it's, it makes headlines like, oh, the NFL acknowledges this, but it's not that super out of the ordinary.

[27:57] Yes. That's an interesting perspective. And so which ties into what we were talking about last week and in the big point was should they review everything within the final two minutes? Is that a can of worms we don't want to open up or is that worth the conversation,

[28:13] man? You're like with a call like that. Obviously it was pass interference. It was helmets element. It was a lot of things. And how they don't call that. I have no idea who's doing the bird box challenge. Twitter was bigger than twitter run wild, but you know, I, I don't know. And like even I saw one today that said a three of the rafts are for the rest live in south California until like they were saying that they had too many ties to the rams and that are going to be. They're launching an investigation into that, which I don't know what that all entails or what that means, but you know, I don't know. I hate to go back and look at judgment calls in super slow motion because that that is I think opening up a can of worms, but that being said, I also want the right call to be be right on the field, but when something's a Bang Bang play and you, you didn't see it when real time it's you. It's hard to see a holding or a face mask or something like if you can go back and look really tightly every time I think it will. In this case, I think it would have been the right thing to do, like be able to overdo that, but I don't know if there's a balance where you can get the right, the right thing right all the time without totally ruining the game.

[29:36] Some more good. We'd start seeing holding calls every of the in it. In. One of the points that we brought up last week was the refs not calling could've very easily been in response to all season long. People were complaining about how the NFL is calling everything and there were too many flags throughout the season and so what I know is at least on the NFC side of the postseason, it seem as though the flags had slowed down, especially in that championship game. There are a lot, there was a lot that wasn't being called early on and now know how much of that was just the rest swallowing their whistle for the sake of, of good championship football or how much that was direct response to criticism before. But I think you're right. I think if we start calling everything that's going to slow the game down more and could take away from like, there's a magical quality about football and baseball. They, these prone to human error and as much as that sucks, it also is what makes it exciting. But that's just me. Yeah,

[30:26] I agree with you. And if we, if we went back and looked at every play, I think football would get a lot less exciting because there's a major gap between every play. Um, but man that was. I've seen a lot of bad calls or bad calls and a lot of bad no falls. That's up there, just another nominee. We're making a lot coming out. Yeah. We're getting ready for their cohort show

[30:49] and I think with that, they don't even let, like don't let the head coach even throw them review flight, which is crazy to me because I mean, you wouldn't want to every play, I don't think where they're going and be like, okay, we need to look at each of these specific challenge like coming out and the coach saying, Hey, we should look into this a little bit. I feel like that just solves this problem where you have like a blatant call. They can't go back and look at. Because they didn't make it live when it was there because they weren't looking there. They were looking somewhere else. It's a wildcard. I feel like that's a good solution.

[31:26] Yeah. I mean, I don't know. I don't know the right answer for it. Um, you would hope that they get it right a majority of the time, which they do. It's just when it happens at the end of the day, if that, if that player would have happened in the first quarter, you know, when we talked to nobody would know. It's true.

[31:40] So it was like no big deal if it happens in the first couple of minutes for the last two minutes. And I mean, I personally, I wanted to see

[31:47] brady breeze going head to head, but hey, but hey, this is, this is coming full circle for Brady because his first of all appearance was the rams gratiot and turf. And so that was literally 19 years ago. Crazy, crazy. Well that's my, like most of my life. And that was actually my first memory of football was watching that superbowl and seeing I was like this, uh, this young Brady guy. Like he seems like he can throw past pretty decently some or death for him. Alright, in Ba, let's go ahead and get into this. The top story. Literally this morning, uh, it was reported that Anthony Davis has a and made it clear he will not sign a contract extension with the Pelicans and has asked for a trade. A Rich Paul, Anthony Davis, his agent has stated that Anthony Wants to compete for a championship and wants to go someplace that's going to give him a bible shot to do so.

[32:42] So it is no secret right now. The pelicans have had a rough season. They are currently 22 and 28, uh, the 13th in the west and it's also no secret that Lebron has been openly campaigning for add and Lebron is pretty much the ambassador. Whatever uniform he's wearing and league is, has even issued him a warning for tampering. But Lakers, you had to give up to make it happen. But here's the question, where's anthony? Dave is going to end up next year and obviously we're talking to guys who will probably fall football a bit more, but still think it's worth bringing it up.

[33:18] You know, actually I really like Lebraun. You mentioned being a fan of goats. I like watching really good people do things that they're really good at. Also like watching goats, sometimes we'll just go out to the pasture and see what the goats are up to date. Really, if, if Laura was in a pasture, had watched that for good, our good. Our um, I think it'd be awesome to see Anthony Davis there. I'm in Los Angeles, but.

[33:47] Hm.

[33:48] I mean, who is Los Angeles have besides Lebron on Alonzo's there.

[33:52] Rhonda.

[33:54] Yeah, that's right. This is completely sign up. He had a game where I think he had like two points in 28 assists. I don't know if those were actually the numbers, but it was a ridiculous number of points. So it was crazy. Sorry. Continue.

[34:09] Yeah, I mean, I dunno, I, I, this is crazy. I've never been to the staples center ever in my life or is there last week for. I went to the golden state.

[34:20] Uh,

[34:22] I'm a Laker game, which was a pretty awesome game. Right. Instead of golden state blew him out the Le Bron Lonzo and Rhonda overall not playing. It was, it was all the, it was all the, the, the top dogs. A Clay I think scored like 38 points in the first half. He just, he was 10 for 10 on threes, which is beyond impressive. It's incredible. Um, so it was cool to sit, you know, it was an awesome experience to go to that game. Um, I think that's a team. I think that's probably the front runner right now, but one thing about the NBA, and I'll admit I don't follow the NBA as close as I used to, um, but there's always the talk of someone going somewhere and then there's always like a last minute play to get horse and there's always a dark horse. And so if the Lakers are in the lead, that makes me feel like he's going to end up somewhere somewhere random and it's going to come in with a, a, a last minute offer and try and steal him away.

[35:20] Yeah. So there's a couple of interesting scenarios that play into that. First of all, the Lakers have to give up quite a bit to make everything happening. It happened. They realistically probably have to give up cow Uzma. They'd have to get rid of ingram and a Lonzo cap space stuff. Yeah. We'll be a caspase also. Like gabby worth anyone's time. Good trade. It's a trade. Yeah. Uh, and so there, which I think New Orleans actually is a beneficiary in that deal because I think you have to assume the next few years or a little bit of a wash while you were in the waiting dynasty of, of golden state because after this year golden's, it's gonna blow up and it'd be a whole different thing. They'll still be relevant for a few seasons and then you have to imagine a Lakers will make some kind of move to really capital themselves to the contender in the west.

[36:03] They already are. But with that being said, New Orleans gets a, gets a good deal. All of that they sell. Lakers have to give a lot. The other one would be Boston, but Boston can't make a move until they have a fulfilled a kyries contract at the end of the season. And so he's got an opt out and so as a result, they can't do anything. All they can do is sweet talking Orleans right now and say hang tight and constrained deadlines in February seventh so they can't do anything. Then Lakers can. Boston's got pretty much convinced New Orleans to wait until the summer and I don't see that happening, which we were trying to get the trade done this season. That's what rarely is a trade of this caliber happen at the trade deadline. It's more of a of a of July. June deal. You've right, but who knows? I mean this could be a huge February for the MBA.

[36:53] It's already gonna be a big off season with Katie being a big question mark and then a quiet being a big question mark. I'm excited, but I don't know. I have no idea where he's going to end up. I kind of hope it's La, which is a weird sentence to to leave my mouth, but it'd be fun to see Lebron and libre out been. Hold on to that one to say that one. Absolutely. But yeah, so we'll see what happens. That's been sports APP. The buzzer. This is at the buzzer always our last topic of the evening and it's a fun one because as mentioned, and as anyone who has ever existed in the United States of America knows the superbowl is this weekend. With that being said, we have a list of prop bets coming up and these range from outlandish pregame rituals to actual score of the game.

[37:50] And we're gonna go ahead and read through these Jason. Alex and I are all going to give our answers to this and we're all putting a 20 end. Whoever wins collects the whole pot and so it's all documented right here. So this, there's a lot riding on this game is already more interesting for me. Um, well let's go and read these off and let's go around around the horn and seeing what we think. Let's, uh, let's alternate who goes the first answer so that you can dig that answered. So that's actually fair. Jason will let you the guests. Perfect. So we'll let you go. First. First question here, uh, what will be the result of the coin toss? Tails? Tails never fails. That's an easy one. That's a layup to take that all day. That's for ongoing heads breaker. I've always thought two heads are better than one table. So I'm gonna go

[38:36] ahead. You're on heads. Okay. Alright, well I'm already one up on him. All right. Alex, you go and take this one.

[38:44] What will be the length of the national anthem over or under all the episodes on the specific 100, 10 point five seconds.

[38:53] Is it, is it okay if we know who seen the national anthem? Yeah, and it's like no point of reference for how long the national anthem is probably one of my favorite prop bets on this profit. I think the last probably five or six years, I think. Um, I think I'm 100 percent singing the national anthem. Very soulful. Um, she's a Detroit 100. Ten seconds. Less than two minutes. Yeah, it's a less than two minutes.

[39:25] I'm going to say I'm going to say a hundred and it's got to go over, under, under, under, under, under 102 seconds for reference. I'm going to stay over.

[39:39] So you normally are and things that normally it's a longer than that and I still always take the over. I am really over, um, in the last hour. We should look this up too, maybe after the show, but I think it's been over five out of the last six years. But if they're making this one already shorter, it makes me think it's going to be under. So I'm gonna I'm um, I'm going to do, I'm going to. I already hate this back, but I'm gonna take the under. There it is due for the under.

[40:12] Okay. Number three, who will score the first touchdown in the game? Fill in the blank.

[40:18] Jason. Wait. Oh yes. I'll take this one first. I think it's a

[40:27] after girl. He didn't play that much. I guess the starting. Not to say I want to say it's going to be girly though. It's got to be girly girls to play. I'm going to say girly. Yeah, that's who I had my head too. I'm actually going to stick with it. I'm gonna say girly. I want to say girly, but I just want to be different enough on the. Off chance here, um, I'm going to go ahead and say a surprising move. Golf with the quarterback. Sneak odds. Oh No. Oh, there it is from the rafters of the surprise. Big, bold, bold, bold call. JC. Want to read this next one here? Yeah, sure. Which one? We'll have five. No, I'm just kidding. For a long shot. I did. I say communication. How many touchdowns will be scored in the first half?

[41:21] I'm going to say three. That's a good guess. Yeah. Three's a good number three. I'm going to go ahead and say

[41:33] I hope it's going to be. I think Graham's gable, the shootout, and I think brady is just going to be slinging. I'm going to say five. That's a lot. First half the first half. It's gonna. Be a shoot out. Well, Steve and settles in between. This thing's going to be

[41:52] second half adjustment game teams are going to be filling it out. I think defense is gonna. Look surprisingly good. It's going to be a little bit of nerves. Golf isn't going to be completely ready in the first half, but we'll be ready in the second half. I'm going to say two touchdowns.

[42:05] How silly are you guys going to big. I think. I think I kind of agree with it. Could be, could very well be a right number five. How many individual players will have a reception for the Patriots? Okay. My turn. This a tough one for the entire game. Yeah, because you got think edelman. Yup. He might just go to edelman the entire night. The whole night. It's only available in one. Ready to Edelman.

[42:39] Um, let me think. Again, I don't have any follow a point of reference. So I'm going first for this one. I'm going to say I'm going to say nine as a good guest. I'm going to say six. I'm gonna. Say Seven. Yeah,

[42:58] that's probably the first, like actually respectful answer I've given tonight, but. Alright, here we go. Alex will

[43:07] ready complete his first pass attempt. Yes or no?

[43:12] Yes. Jason, this is on me.

[43:17] No, no, no. You're saying yes. I'll say first pass attempt a. You hit to. You hate to vote against Brady. I'm going to say yes.

[43:26] They normally go with like a hat swing or something really easy. Like James White, I'm going to say yes to that as well. All right, here we go. How many touchdown passes? Well, Tom Brady and jared goff throw over under four and a half. Oh, this one's on me. I'm going to say I'm going to take the over. I'm going to say over. It is over. Mr. Under. I'm also going to go over. I think this is going to be a shoot out and I hope it is a shootout. If you would've said under Ottoman suit. Really surprised based on your earlier picks, but I'm going. Wait a minute. It's a hedging my bets here. You Got Right? Jason, you take is one. Okay. How many receiving Arrows Will Julian Edelman? Half over under 80 and a half.

[44:22] This is mine. I'm going to say over,

[44:26] I think under. I think brazing spreadable. I also agree. I'm going to take. I think it's going

[44:31] to be close, but he's got it. Will either quarterback threw for 325 passing yards or more? Yes or no? According to the madden simulation they did this week. Go through for 350, and for that reason alone, I'm going to say yes.

[44:53] I'm going to say yes. Both these quarterbacks capacity. I need to. You pick two touchdowns earlier on. The ball can move. It gets a little tight down there at the bottom though. I'm holding back on that one. I'm going to. I'm going to say no. I'm one of those surprise pay. I'm going to say no. Right? I like it. We keep it interesting. Jason, you're our gas guide and read this last one for us. We'll either team be trailing by 10 or more points in the fourth quarter. Yes or no? I'm going to say no. Yeah, I think foursquare's you'd be super close now.

[45:30] I think it's a tight game. No

[45:33] fun fact. I'm pretty sure Brady has never won a game by more than a possession or lost the game by Morton possession in the super bowl. Yeah. Usually just get tied somehow. Yeah, it always does. All right. Here's the tie breaker question, just in case we, uh, and I don't know, I think I was pretty off base anyways, but how many combined rushing yards will the rams and patriots have in Super Bowl? Fifty three, also known as super bowl I l l, l. I'll go first. So the baseline, uh, let me think a second. I'm going to say

[46:08] I'm going to say 280.

[46:11] Whoa, that's a lie. There's a lot. Um, so tiebreaker, Lana, you never know what's going on. That is a ton. That's a lie. You're locked in now. Score touchdowns. The entire, a patriots' defense got kicked off the night before the game. Um, I'm gonna. Say One 62. That's a pretty good one. Uh, I think I'm going to go higher than that. I'm going to say one 95. Nice. There you have it. That was our superbowl 53 prop bet section of at the buzzer. Are we gonna? Are we gonna? Say who we think's the most important. That's the most important part here. Alex. go ahead. Patriots, take it. I have no idea what the score's going to be. I'm going to say 21, 24 patriots when I think I think Thompson and go out in a blaze of glory. I think Patriots win. I'm going to say because it's a shootout and we'll say 40 to 35, 40 2:35. Okay. I uh,

[47:25] okay.

[47:25] I don't know why my brain tells me the Patriots are going to win this, but

[47:30] my gut instinct, which I have no math, science, brain power, that makes any sense at all, but I think the rams squeak it out. I'm going to say 27, 24 grams. I did get her respect. It is going to be a six days. Then we'll know they didn't have it. We have it on record here folks. And so the winter is going to walk away with 60 bucks or 40 bucks richer, but whatever he not sweet. Sweet money.

[48:04] Well gentlemen, it's been a heck of a show. A lot of fun. Some good laughs. We talked through some of the day headlines going on about how Neko shut down and Krispy Kreme picked up the slack or just in time for Valentine's, talked about Patton Oswald and how he raised $35,000 for a twitter troll turned red, and then we talked about how the show the office actually taught a man how to save someones life or you have it. We went ahead and talk through some of the NFL shenanigans going on right now with the front office and the no call with the saints in the rams. We talked about whether or not Tom Brady should keep going. Spoiler alert. You should know it's not the end of the episode. What am I talking about? Talking about where Anthony Davis might end up and then we ended the show talking about that was the most pathetic drum ever. Gentlemen. Earbuds. Jason, take it away. Tell us where to find earbuds.

[49:05] If you have an iphone. Unfortunately right now, Orlando, Ios, go to the APP store. Search ear buds. It'll be the first thing to pop up. Giving a download. Sync your apple music or premium spotify account. Give it a go. I'd love to hear back what your experience experiences like. If you love the experience, give us a positive review. If there's anything we feel like we're missing, reach out to me and my socials that Jason Fox 70 or at the earbud social or on the website, earbuds, music.com, or at your buds. Music. Would love to hear from you. Love to get your feedback. So download the APP, give it a try and let us know anything.

[49:39] That's great. Jason. Thanks again for coming on the show today, man. Always appreciate shit. Let's get time. Alex, thanks for filling in for jd. Absolutely. Is My name going to go up on the logo one? There may be some day literally just going to etch out jv you out when it was just me. I'd be okay with that. I think the show would actually benefit from that. Absolutely. You guys have been great. Uh, we'll see you next week. Thanks for listening. This has been the buzzer.


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