EP001 - Bandersnatch, 2019 Movie Preview, Kliff Kingsbury, and Nick Saban

January 14, 2019

Sean: 00:04 The buzzer, we're going to lay down our top five lists of movies, both jd and I, and then for 20, 19 or 2019, and then we're gonna. Talk about the controversy behind bandersnatch in choose your own adventure novels. We're going to be covering the Kingsbury cardinals entire why that may not be as bad as you think we've talked about coach nick saving and how even though he is bringing your leak rate, maybe someone else status and then denied couple roasting sessions. Live the hour, the half hour on John Wilson. Guys, this, Jamie,

JD: 00:44 and this is the buzzer. Sounded to have you here. Oh yeah. What's today? Monday. January the 14th? Yes. New Year. New a day that will live in famously great. Michael Scott would say as he would say some jd and I recently discovered when people have new year's resolutions, people, things that they actually want to do to better themselves. They do. I don't know if this falls into that category, but we do have a goal this year of launching the most successful podcast ever or this one, and I'm excited because I'm excited to. I'll never forget. You know, that first conversation we had, I said, refresh me, and there were two questions for me. I came up to you. I said we should do a podcast and you got two questions, which were one, who are you to be with? My son, my son into. How did you find this? How did you find me here in the men's room?

JD: 01:43 That's how it started. It started, but then he came around and we said, do a podcast about our favorite things. We have sports, movies, pop culture, um, office, Office beers, buzzed battlestar Galactica, and that's clever. Beers buzzed instead of bears ears, buzzed, Battlestar Galactica. It's just, it's just some of our favorite things and it's a new year. All of our favorite things, all of our favorite things, which we hope will be your favorite things as well, or at least things that you want to talk about with us. The hope of this podcast that will get you on something exactly. Maybe on everything. Maybe we'll get you buzzed, pub up, up, up, up, up, pop culture. So we're going to keep our culture a little simpler today. In future episodes. We're always going to try and make sure that it's mixed. We don't want to talk about one subject for too long because it gets boring.

JD: 02:35 It gets boring, but we do have one thing to pop culture. It's a little bit of a movie. It's a big bit of a movie, but Netflix recently have had won the popular show black mirror killing it and individual episodes too. They came out with a movie. Yes. So let me just give you a brief little 32nd background. So Black Mirror, one of my favorite chefs, they're on season five right now. It's in England, so it's. It's filmed overseas, but each one you can watch separately as it's own kind of mini story where they do do a good job of tying back with previous episodes and things like that do to you. Yes, but some of this stuff, but I'm a little too woke like with some of this stuff I'm like, I don't even want to think about it. It's basically like this laptop comes alive, you know, he records everything from birth till now.

JD: 03:23 Then he finds out that your step mom's been with so and so and then all of a sudden it bites your hand off and then you're, you're dead. And then you wake up as a cup of coffee. And so that's grabbing the dream I had last night. Exactly. So it's crazy. So, so what Black Mirror did is, and you'll see it probably on your homepage of Netflix, but they came out with their own movie called bandersnatch. Um, and it's delayed the fifth season, which some people are upset about. I enjoyed the movie quite a bit. It was an interesting concept. I haven't seen it, but sean still has to watch it. I mean I can tell you guys about it, but ultimately it's a film where you get to decide the fate of the person who's in the film. You're watching just like this podcast, much like the gym at the end of this episode or us, you decide we don't know how long this lasts, but it's Kinda like posts.

JD: 04:11 Can we put like a choose the. No, that can't be done. That would be copyright for Bandersnatch, which kind of leads into the fact that Netflix was sued. So ultimately this film is based on a book. Well, a kind of here's where it gets tricky. So you explained that you haven't seen it exploring the company, choose cow acquired the properties and she, I know this because go, they could have chosen anything and they chose their title. It's a choose your own adventure book and they made their title choose co that. That's a rough one. That's layman's fudge. Yeah, I agree. So they, they bought those books. They're really popular in the eighties and the nineties where you just flip through and you would choose the picture on ending, you know. And so yes, that is the same concept of the movie and I think it's a far cry and say that they are comparable.

JD: 05:02 However, riding the shoes co is claiming damages, saying that they originally said coordinate NBC News. Uh, they've announced the lawsuit a few weeks ago basically saying that the banner stash film has disparaged their brand because people are associating bandersnatch as a choose the way story embarrassed that I haven't seen it, but you have, it has some graphic content so that your subject matter, it's not a kids book, it's not family friendly thing. Toy story five. And so they're saying they're seeking $25, million dollars in damages. Uh, based on this graphic show. I said Jd, I know that we didn't really grow up in the eighties. We didn't grow up reading these books. But is that fair? Is that a fair argument? I don't know. I mean, politically speaking, it's just like a rapper who doesn't give someone that, you know, if you're taking bits from somebody else's songs you don't give them due.

JD: 05:58 It makes sense. But honestly like how copyright. No, no, no, it's just like, it's just like somebody copying chipotle burrito idea, but calling it Qdoba, like ultimately speaking, it's the same. No, I'm not buying it. They're not going to give them $25 million. You can, you can copyright a concept like that that you can, maybe we need to weigh in on this, but yeah, we'll, we'll have our people talk to their people, but at the end of the day, I mean it's, the film is not called choose codes called bandersnatch and in the film they talk about the book called bandersnatch. So I don't see any copyright. I don't really see any issues with this. I, it's, I think it's still seen as a bit of far cry, but Alaska, it's a great movie. I definitely recommend it. Um, and Sean, I'll watch it to buy the next episode, but I'm going to watch it.

JD: 06:51 Bird boxed out blindfolded. Blindfolded. It's another great one. So movies, we love movies. We're going to talk about that. I love movies so much because there's a ton coming out this summer. This year on pop I thought was, I thought last year I thought 2018 was just huge. And you had the avengers infinity war, you had the Han Solo. That wasn't great, but like feminine kind of suck it of stuff. It was okay. It was middle of the road. Luke warm take, it was okay. Middle of the pack. So 20, 19 there will be the biggest year for box office and there's a ton of stuff coming out. So Janie and I have camp, whether both of us have a list of five. Top Five. Top five films was tough. Uh, we're really excited about for 2019 and why we're excited about it. Jd, I'm going to go ahead and let you.

JD: 07:36 Yes, I can't wait. So it's probably been. Let's see, how old am I? I'm 28 years old, so they're redoing so I, I. So they came out with a new trailer for the new Lion King. Okay. What's the release date on this? So July 19th. All right. You might as well want book your tickets in March because it's gonna be crazy. I'm so. It's directed by Jon Favreau, the castle. Same Fiance's in it. I'm challenged. Gambino Donald Glover is in it. The original Mufasa James Earl Jones is reprising has. Yes, it's probably going is as. It's going to be rotten tomatoes. Ninety nine percent for sure. I'm probably gonna crush it because Disney is high stakes for a little while. Yes, I mean this, this release day. So what does it mid you said? Yeah, so July 19th. It'll probably be number one box office since Avatar or would not be surprised because it was titanic.

JD: 08:30 Even avatar. I guarantee you this will be top five all time. I think you're gonna. Find on this list. The biggest competition Disney's going to face this summer is itself. Oh yeah. Because. Well we got to. Not to jump. I'm not going to jump forward it. It'll kind of segway into it, but toy story four is also coming out June 24th of July was the way for. If you guys cried during toy story three, you're not alone. It was very emotional. Certain way. I asked her if everything was still in the APP, but that's what I love about Pixar in one thing to care about fish you care about is lion King Pixar. But what I love about Pixar as well and so yes. First I'm stoked about the lion king because I feel like there's going to be kids there, but it's going to be people our age that are there because that's our childhood.

JD: 09:17 Totally. So yes, there's going to be kids, but like do kids that are 10 and under really appreciate the first lion king. Not really. No. And I think we've got guys. Yeah. And we've got childish Gambino, sorry, Donald Glover, beyonce. These are all people that are in our real house. So it's going to be exciting for us and thinking about twitter for is. Oh, I didn't think I needed a toy story three and then I was clearly wrong. Yes. And so going into a surf where I'm like, are they really doing another one but at the same time you know it's going to be good, you know it's going to be good and you know you're going to love it. So. And they introduce new characters into the third one. Absolutely. Which I'm sure my girl Jesse will be back for the fourth one. You get the likes of Tom Hanks and Tim Allen and all kinds of good stuff.

JD: 09:56 So. So Andy's owner at this point, he's gotta, he's got to be, he's got to be working a nine to five. He's, he's got to have really helped me incorporate stiff suit. I've just known. You know, what would be funny though, I really wish that toy story would just go super dark with this movie and like Andy, Andy and buzz just are just in this dark, just like underground organization of toys. What are your budget is not that they would ever do that, but you know, if you guys were listening pixar, because I mean we have a huge audience right now, like all father might be five people are going to go see your movie, but if you guys could spin it will. I'm sure the movie's already made. But by toy story five, I'd love to see some just, you know, maybe like a pg pg impact version.

JD: 10:47 A pg 13 toy story five. Um, I also love real quick in the pixar movies, those little short movies and the beginning, super stoked about those. Always good. They usually make me cry too. I'm, I'm, I'm a very emotional man. Um, well if you want some more sentiment though, you've got another one on that list. Oh, from our childhood? Yes. Are we talking about a Latin? A little more just Dahlia Latin. Uh, 24th. That's lion king. Aladdin is Arabian nights a year they'd ever had from like me, I can show you the world. So the new joker movies coming out as well. October for October, the fourth, Joaquin Phoenix. Who is, I mean if you've seen some of his most recent films, he's a little mentally unstable to begin with. So he's going to be perfect for this role. I don't know if I'd want to have a beer with him, but I definitely watched anything he's in.

JD: 11:38 Yeah, I mean he may be and I don't want to preface it with too much glory yet, but could he be as good as like heath ledger was in that role where he, you know, you watched this guy tramps near like in real life this guy might be as crazy as this character in the movie. It was, it was unsettling to say the least, which is why the dark knight was so amazing. Like it was hard to separate in my all time favorite movies and reality. Yes. So we'll walk in Phoenix, translate into that role. He has to. Yeah, I mean, I think it's definitely going to be hyped up movie. Everybody's going to see it. We'll see how it pans out because if you go back to um, like suicide squad, that was really hyped up with the joker. Jared Leto just he died and he was so clear that he was trying to recreate, you know, he was trying too hard because, you know, jared lowe was probably a straight up guy in real life.

JD: 12:29 I think he just keep ledger was kind of like a cheerleader. I'm like, has anything bad ever really happened in this guy? He just seems like he kind of came from. I didn't have a great role in the Dallas buyers club. Um. Anyway, so my last movie for Twenty 19 before I let Sean just get his take on is how five new parts of the Caribbean. No, no, not hard to the Caribbean. No, that one's not on the one I want to see. Sorry. Pirates of the Caribbean. If Johnny Depp does another one of those needs the money. Yeah, he's desperate. Zombie land too. So the first Zombie land there has been thousands of Zombie movies out there, but what I liked about the first was land. It was funny and it was fun and it was relatable. And what's her face is in it. She's cute and the stone and the stones in it.

JD: 13:13 She had a really great role. The Zuckerberg good. The Zuckerberg kid. The bald guy or not named Woody Harrelson. Oh, sorry. I just got back from Colorado again. I'm faded. So zombieland two, I really hope like most sequels. I hope it's not like the zoo lander to or like a ted to where they're just. Here we go again. Here we go again. Sue has enough of a story to keep it. I keep the Integrity Bill Murray and the first call. That was fantastic. I hope they bring back that cameo in some capacity. It might be tough. Spoiler alert. He dies. So these are. These are jvs top five. I'm still for 2019. It's going to be a great year for movies. So top on my list, my top five, number one just, and this isn't a any particular order, but I'm excited about spiderman far from home. I know there's been a fireman 12 by 18 at this point.

JD: 14:13 There's been a ton of them, but I think that once the Disney mcu got back, not the property back, they did a really good job. They incorporate rubber died, juniors, iron man, John Fabro reprise. His role is he's. He's involved in the cap of movies on this list and then I thought Tom Holland did a great job playing Peter Parker in. I'm excited to see what they do with the character. I'm excited to see how it picks up from if this is a sequel to the avengers, infinity war, maybe it's that before. I'm not really sure of the timeline, but I think it's exciting for that and that comes out July fifth. I'm now another one. Tom Hanks makes our list twice. I'm really excited about one because it's a biopic about Mr Rogers, a beautiful day in the neighborhood. I'm excited for this. I feel like this has got to be Oscar Bait A.

JD: 14:59 it'll be October 18th is the release date of that. Uh, so it might be a little early for the billboard for this in Austin already. I know it's going to be. So they're hyping it up for sure. I mean it's, it's, it's literally the greatest actor in my memory and playing the Tom Brady of acting. So the nicest guy in the world, the nicest guy in the world. It's real dark. Mr Roshie would be another one to make a real dark topics. It's a beautiful day. Beautiful Day in this neighborhood. It's a beautiful day. Tommy scale. Not only tying his shoes, he's like, he's cleaning off his machete, swiping blood blood. Same Cardigan, like bullet holes, like the sunlight just comes down and it would be great. Look forward to that. October eight. Our rating. You're going to want to shield your kids speaking of movies with an actual legitimate art rating.

JD: 15:58 Very interesting. Here is this one. So Jd, what if I told you there was a movie directed by Quentin Tarantino, Caprio and Brad Pitt? So we were basically talking about a, um, um, shit, what was the movie? What was the movie with the slave's owner with Django and Shango? Yes. Wasn't that Leo is in Django. Uh, so this one is exciting because basically Quintin Tarantino does a great job of period pieces. This one is set in the sixties, late sixties. It's a detective. There's gonna be. It's gonna be tons of releasing July 26. This is once upon a time in Hollywood. I think it's going to be. It's certainly gonna be a fun one because Brad Pitt also did so did terantin glorious bastards. And so he's basically combining two of the most prolific actors in the last 20 years and they're giving be this one. It's gonna be exciting.

JD: 16:50 Heck yeah. Now let's get to the. These are the ones that are just going to clean up. My likings going to make a billion dollars. These ones for sure. We'll also make this next one. This next one you're going to say we'll make a billion dollars. I wouldn't be surprised if it pushes to. Honestly, I'm going to say one point five. Say one point five is probably a good safe conservative estimate. I'm going to say one point eight to two. It is star wars episode currently untitled. We don't know what's going to be yet. They haven't released that yet. Ooh, Christmas time. It's going to be December 20th so you can take your family and see the final film and the Skywalker Saga. Heck is the last one with ray. I think the only thing that could hurt this is star wars has oversaturated or the movie market. I've been pushing out tons of them.

JD: 17:34 I think fans could be a little tired of it, but this could also. This is a redemption story, can be a redemption stories or chapter of the Luke Skywalker family thing because in my opinion, and sorry to cut you off, but it's something where generationally speaking, it's still piques the interest of the old timers. Sorry Dad. But like people who were in their fifties and sixties and is still peaks our interest because it still has the characters that our kids will probably grow up with a hundred percent. You know what I'm saying? I think he's gonna be great. And the last one on our list, I think this is going to be the film of your own team just because April 26th, April 26 vendors end game, this is the highly anticipated followup to infinity war, which I thought was incredible. I think marvel has been knocking out the park, but this was just one of their best, uh, if not one of their top three best films.

JD: 18:22 Um, and I think we ever want to see what's going to happen with all these characters that spoiler alert, but if you haven't seen it by now, really shouldn't use last. Snapped away. The snapping as people are calling it a social media. And, and this one was just going to be crazy. It's bringing them. It's the final film with Robert Downey, Jr. Final global chris evans. I can see how that pans out. Really excited about it. So awesome. That's a great year For movies. There's gonna be an awesome year for movies. I'll be at box office. Will see it as we're bowels are wasted. Have fun.

JD: 18:58 So today is, um, it's a monday. Um, it's january the 14th. We have quite a few excitinG things that we're going to talk with you guys about. One, I think like back when sean and I met, I mean we've obviously bonded over a Couple of different things, but sports, movies, sports, moviEs, pop culture, pop culture. It's not on there, but all those things we're going to talk to you guys about and you know, even if you don't like sports per se, we're going to try and keep it at that level that, um, you know, get you guys interested. Our goals at gmu, Interested even jim would care about the things we talked about with sports in gym, doesn't care about sports. It's the level of, it's the level of lebron james and diddy score a home run. I mean, it's the equivalent lebraun james out there playing soccer.

JD: 19:52 I mean, he scored a goal, a unit and we've talked a little bit about this a week ago. He probably could play every position easily in every sport and that's what we'll talk about on the show. James, you know. Um, but I think one thing that, you know, sean wanted to kick off youR first today, there's, there's, there's a lot going on in the world sports and this is very off baby, very entertaining time here because he got playoffs. Nba is really starting to heat up to it's firing up and you know, I think the combination of things, you get a lot of good. Yeah. It's a melting pot and right now, uh, I think one of the big stories is coming right out the gate is a lot of coaches in the nfl are getting younger and younger and younger and uh, the nfl known as the national national football league football is hiring younger, younger coaches.

JD: 20:40 And that trend comes from sean mcvey and the success with the rams. But you got cows. Let's not talk about the ramp right now. I'm a huge cowboys fan, so if any of you guys are listening, rip, you know, just know going forward, just know going forward. The dax, my boy, like I love zeke. So if you ever want to borrow with me about cowboys, that's fine. But yeah, we lost the ranch. It was a hard bargain. Sean mcvey, he's a good coach, right? I mean, and he's young and that kind of leads us into what we're talking about with kliff kingsbury. So kliff kingsbury for a little bit of background here. was formerly the head coach of Texas. Get your grades up. I mean guns up and he was let go after lack luster seasons. He quiT. he was fired. Was because then you work there with Mike Leach.

JD: 21:30 Oh yeah. Well he was a quarterback, I think he was today. Eclipse for sure. But nonetheless he was the home grown guy and so it was a big homecoming and not to mention the guy is handsome. He's, he's good looking dude. He's like, yeah, he's a good bargain brand. Ryan gosling, which is still a great compliment to him. yeah, he's a sub notes easily. And uh, I think that it just never got the steam and there's a lot of reasons for it. But before we get into that, everyone is freaking out about the cardinals. Hiring him a lot because it was losing rick. It's kind of one of those shots in the dark that you're taking because as sean and I are talking about earlier to the nfl. Yeah, like the chicago bears. There's still some teams out there that have stout defenses that are more of a ground and pound type team, but I'd say 75, 80 percent of the teams out there right now, our big 12 high powered offenses.

JD: 22:24 They're looking. I mean, just look at patrick, my homes. If you look at the way andy reid is teaching, I mean his whole chief's office right now is buzzing in. They're putting up 45, 50 points a game, so I think the cardinals really don't have much to lose at this point. I mean if you're going to look at overall record, who's their best defensive player? Who's their corner back there? I mean they've got maybe one defensive player I can name right now, but could they essentially per. I'm not performed but transform. Josh rosen into the next. Patrick my homes. I think if anyone asks, patrimonial played one season. If anyone could develop a quarterback, it can be cleaned. Is very. It can be kingsbury, kingsbury, kingsbury wings is clean. Opportunity lies here. Yeah. If you could develop a quarterback and be kliff kingsbury I agree in his resume.

JD: 23:12 Proves that. So obviously is tom and tech. You had bashed from holmes who is the darling of the nfl? I'm currently. Yes. I mean it's crazy watching this kid play. I mean, he's just tearing it up right now. Um, this past season, my homies additionally back when kingsbury was at houston, he helped develop case keenan who was highly successful career in the nfl case. Keenum is currently starting now. He's a backup is a backup. He was starting for a while. Her cousin mark is kinda kinda missed out on that one. We're to talk about cousins that's conversation for another time. Uh, and also, even though a manzell didn't have a great nfl career, he had a great college career in kingsbury was part of that, right as well. So I mean, the resume is impressive. The guy, the courses or the quarterback, they're hiring him for his brain, his offensive brand.

JD: 24:00 And it's like the cardinals were what? The second lowest scoring team in the nfl last season they were, and I don't think it's that basis of the decision to make because even though he had a mediocre career attack, think about this way, who's going to get the most recruits out of Texas, university of Texas, Texas a and m, Oklahoma, and then during kingsbury time he saw a little bit vague go to baylor and so there were times where tech was the fifth man on the totem pole, so he never was able to get the criminal a crap. No. In the nfl, that's not a problem and he was able to transform the players that he had exactly what you're going to get in the nfl. He's going to get a first round. He didn't get the first pick of the draft. Kyler murray. That segments often.

JD: 24:41 Tyler, and that actually is something that I Wanted to tell you. Yeah, I would definitely want to talk on that, but what I'm saying is jd, do you think the cardinals, do you think that there's an upside to hiring kliff kingsbury? Oh, for sure. I mean, if you look at the nfl, there's so many. I mean it's a billion dollar league if not hundred million. I mean it's a very. There's people out there who are. They're putting money where their mouth is and so if you look at a franchise, that was the last time they even went to the superbowl was back when they had kurt warner, which is crazy to think of, but that's back when kurt warner played the steelers, I believe was the last time that they've had a super bowl appearance. Larry fitzgerald, I actually read an an, there was an article earlier that said that Larry Fitzgerald may not return based on the news of them hiring cliff.

JD: 25:30 So if you tHink about what is doing to the locker room, here's my thought on it. There's upside because a, he's an offensive guy, but I think there may be a whole locker room presence. Like we're cleaning house. So the guys that had been there For awhile who are getting older like Larry Fitzgerald, I mean he's not going to be able to keep up with that offensive scheme. So yes. What I, what I want to have him as my coach over Jason Garrett. Hell yeah, but the cardinals don't have much. Simply this, if you look at their standings the past few years, if you look at the current players that they're developing, it's the best shot for him as well. Currently we got four teams left. We're in the nfl playoffs right now. Sean was saying earlier, this is like the creme de la creme of sports right now. Right?

JD: 26:13 We've got nbn in full swing. No mlb and theM. As soon as the mlb starts back up, sean and I may have a little bit of research because besides dollar hot dog night, we don't know too much about the sport. So, Um, but right now it's almost superbowl time with cricket pallets, right? Yeah, exactly. I think there's still goals involve there too easily over the fence over ice. So at the time of recording this, there are four teams left in the playoffs. You have matchup coming up with the chiefs and the. And then on the nfc side you have the rams and the saints. And with that though, we've also seen a lot of spirited exits from the playoffs. My dear seahawks went down to Judy's cowboys. It was heartbreaking. Jds cowboys went down the following falling rate also heartbreaking, but the most devastating loss in the playoffs was easily covered.

JD: 27:07 There's cody parking lot parky, just hitting it, hitting, kicking a field goal that just bumped her right off the right off the post. So devastated. As a fan, as a fan, there comes a point where you put your money where your mouth is, right? So do. So if you guys have ever been to chicago, there's a place called goose island, right? And one of the local bars there used probably all over. It's all over tWitter. Instagram is on barstool sports. Shout out to them, you know, they, they held a field goal so it was the exact same distance. He's the exact same distance and it was actually snowing the exact same distance of the field goal. That code, because this poor kid is probably getting death. This is a city that was relentless when the cubs. Remember back when the homeboy severe, they're, they're comparing this cody kid, he's a kid.

JD: 27:58 He's probably younger than we are. Yeah, he's, he's, he's not like the city of chicago's ruthless, ruthless. They held a competition to see if these guys could make the same kick. Put your money where your mouth is. It's hilarious because I don't think a single one of them made it past 10 years. So to give you a context out of 101 entrance, none of them, none of them made it, made it, none of them I call them slipped on their ass, went on in bell harbor and they're probably drunk too. And so because no one was, there were prices online, but because no one, one, uh, the goose island beer company actually donate $20,000 to charity of choice. The lurie children's hospital. So definitely came from this. I did not know that. I will say this, like I've got a couple of buddies who were kickers in high school or college and if that is a hard job, the next to quarterback, that's got to be the most pressure position in football.

JD: 28:55 Oh, because you know, I feel like 30 percent of these games come down to a field goal. Totally. But then all these fans and I've, I've done it myself too. I'm like, dude, this is your only job. You only have one job is to make the camp. But I noticed throughout, I know I can, you know. No, but if I had to play devil's advocate too, how much do they pay in this kid? So he missed two in that game. He missed an extra point. Yes. And he missed it. The game winning field goal that dinked off the post. Yes. He's a good Christian Guy. He gave like no matter what, all glory to god and respected. it's a sport. You know, at the end of the day, we love sports. I will live and die by sports. I mean I'm very passionate. Like sean can tell you, like we can both tell you like I've held jd in my arms many times.

JD: 29:42 There's. Yes. Unfortunately. And so as a cowboys fan, I can relate. It's, we've been there, but it's like lay off. The kid happens in chicago. This is the best season that you've had in years. Take that as a moral victory and move on and leave it alone. Leave it alone and recoding. He just needs to come out next season. Just not next week. We're actually having him on next week. We're going to play. Will it kick? and uh, we're gonna have to kick field goals. It's going to be awesome. It's going to be a fun game. So, you know, I love a good controversial opinion. Sports. I really do. And I'm going to say something out there that is pretty outlandish. So nick saban is the goat. There's no getting around that. He's tired of their brian for six national championships. Bear bryant had all six at Alabama and excitements at five at Alabama, one at lsu.

JD: 30:32 Nonetheless, I don't think there's any question in the modern era. The saving is the mOst accomplished a tom brady decorated. He's the tom brady, bill belichick, greg, whatever you want to. Whatever accolade you want to give him, but I'm gonna say this, even though he is the goat of college football coaching, I think there has been a better coach in the modern era in college football. And this is my controversial opinion. I would contest so looking at this by the numbers, but the numbers nick saban, uh, in college from Michigan state, lsu in Alabama as a head coach is 232 63 and one which brings us winning percentage. Very impressive. Uh, 789. That's pretty good. It's really, really good. But there's a coach with a much higher win percentage and that's be carol old sweet peat. Preface it that you're a seahawks. Listen, I know, I know.

JD: 31:28 I am. This is biased off the seahawks. It is a little bias, but hear me out. It's going to be Some people mad at you for comparing pete carroll to say that burnt me out. This is a controversial opinion. So pete carroll in his time at usc and hIs nine seasons when 97 and 19 before the ncaa slapped all kinds of sanctions on usc. After that it was 84 and 18, reggie bush era, but he's original and they were shifted the 2004 titles, but the original win percentage, uh, pete carroll went 836 a and that was a nine seasons saban's been doing it a lot longer and still very impressive, but I think it makes it. And sorry, pete carroll played for two natIonal championships, played for three hours. Championships are won. Two of those. I'm a man. I'm 40. He's, he's, he's killing it like my gunny gunny.

JD: 32:19 Anyway, but I think what really separates them, it's like, and again we can look at their nfl records and it's a moot point because donald [inaudible] college coach nick saban was completely unsuccessful in the nfl when 15 and 17 with this time of the dolphins because grown men don't respond well to his authoritarian culture. Yeah. That didn't go well because he is. I'm dead serious. I had no disciplinary and type of coach or listened to. Pete carroll's get this buddy west coast style and peak. You're obviously has an impressive enough. I'll record going 128, 93 and 1:10 and eight and postseason to superbowl, beard one championship. But as much as I agree with you here, are we talking about. So if you had to. Are we talking about college football? I want to come back to it because we can also tie back to the fact that yes, how do you grow from a collegiate coach to an nfl coach?

JD: 33:12 If you had sean right now though, college only does pete carroll beat nick saban. So here's what I'm saying, and you're absolutely right in the nfl because he made were completely moot. I'm just trying to paint a picture here. Pete carroll obviously left usc because they were getting slammed with sanctions. He never publicly said that, but we all know it. We all know that's what I would do, but yeah, of course, who wouldn't know to and that's. That's a different conversation for a different time, but I will say this, had that not happened at usc, not been completely slapped on the hand by the ncaa. Happy carol hung around. It is not outlandish to say that he could have gone on to win three, four, five more championships in the time that nick, nick saban has, because usc was getting top recruits. He had built a great program and they're down years.

JD: 34:03 We're still like nine slash 10 seasons and so sean hot take almost all I'm saying is pete carroll in his time was more impressive. Pete carroll throughout his tenure seahawks fan and that has been a controversial. I agree. I agree. We'd love to hear your opinion actually because um, you know, obviously recently nick saban just lost and slap down in my opinion, that if he would have been, because it feels like a, like a handing off of the torch a little bit. Alabama, clemson. I'm not saying all of them was going anywhere and they're not, they're still relevant. Alabama still be playing for the playoffs for a national championship for a few years to come. Now. Do you think Alabama will be relevant without nick saban? No, I don't think so. Not at all. I think nick saban is asking so either. Absolutely. When I say this, yes.

JD: 34:53 I think that [inaudible] girl, it was a better coach this time. I still think the excitement is one of the grace of all time is the greatest of all time and you can't take that away from him, but Alabama is not relevant without them. Same way. Clemson's not relevant without devo. Devo. Sweeney came in about six to seven or eight seasons ago because completely built up that program, uh, in his time data was gone. One hundred and 46 and 116 with a rent when record of a point seven, nine, six, which is higher than savings by the rack with the boy. He's got 95 in bowl appearances to two for one in the afc championship games. And he is 18 years younger than nick saban already has two national championships, both against saving. He's his number and it's even got one get the better in one of those times.

JD: 35:40 His quarterback right now, he's got me. Trevor lawrence might very well be one of the greatest quarterbacks come in since andrew luck. Since peyton manning sunshine. He's a good looking dude. The kids killing it. He's a good looking dude, man. I wish I had long locks. I do know all this crap for those very envious of sunshine lawrence as we like to call them here. Also, a good kid loves them, loves them, and jesus loves me. He loves the lord. He's got a good head on his shoulders. He loves the lord. I think with whichever lawrence indianapolis time, it's not side of the realm of possibility, so you can pick up under the championship in 82 with him and then who knows in 10 years after that data gets a few more. He ties nick salmon could surpass them.

Sean: 36:20 This is a segment we like to call book roasted. This is where janie and I read real headlines from the news and put our own little spin on it. Little span baby. Jd wants to go ahead and kick us off. Alrighty folks. So currently speaking, Texas shopper banned from walmart after sipping wine from a pringles can and now sean shops at target, boom roasted. It was an annual event taking place in chicago, toronto and New York city where civilians will actually ride the subway. Pantless also known as jds tuesday commute book roasted to cats. Ilan cats live alone in the silicone valley apartment for over $1,500 a month. That's more than sean makes in a year. Book roasted good money area man. Assaulted a convenience store clerk with only a banana. Also known as jds tuesday. Commute home security camera. Caught a prowling suspect looking at doorbell for three hours, which still sounds like a better bumble date. and sean roasted. It's true.

Sean: 37:35 You guys got a good time today. Great time. If you're talking about a lot, we've talked about the kingsbury and cardinals higher. We've talked off nick saban and how pete carroll's way, way better every time. Always unbiased. Can you talk about movies and our top 10 or top five to top 10. Top five apiece. And then we talked about bandersnatch and talking to some roasting that went on. It's been fun. We'll get us. Had a good time. We're buzzed. Always check in with us. We'll keep the good times going next week. We try to release episodes once a week. We got some fun surprises in store for this season, first season, so thanks for today. Thanks for tuning in. Thanks for today. Thanks for choosing it for pans of the bucket and a big tuning into the Missouri. This is jd obi. Now I'm shocked.

JD: 38:28 Oh, bye now.

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