EP002 - Fyre & Fyre Fraud, Space Force, The Bachelor, College E-Sports, The Egg vs Kylie Jenner, Saints Vs. Rams

January 29, 2019

TV: Netflix's 'Fyre' and Hulu's 'Fyre Fraud,' our cynicism on the virgin 'Bachelor,' and 'Space Force' from the creators of 'The Office.' Pop Culture: Making fun of your spouse leads to a healthier marriage, and Kylie Jenner vs. the Egg. Movies: 'Ghostbusters 3' and 'The Man Who Killed Hitler...and Then Bigfoot.' Sports: Rams vs. Patriots vs. No-Calls of Penalties, 5 cities deserving a sports franchise, and College E-Sports






Speaker 1: 00:04 This is the buzzer or we talk about things that you care about and some of the things you do, but most of the first part on today's episode of the Buzzer, we've got a bachelor preview three weeks late, but who's counting? We're going to talk about a couple new shows on Netflix as well as a few interesting movies coming out and then we're going to review the controversy surrounding the Rams and the saints. Last, we're going to ask a question. Should be sports be considered a part of the athletics for colleges? All that and more on today's episode of the Buzzer.

Speaker 2: 00:36 Give you tv now jd, there is a lot going on in the world television right now between Netflix and between what's last, what's left of the [inaudible] days of cable television? Correct. There's actually quite a bit to consume at the moment and we're going to try to tackle big ones. Yes. Slash one that we've been putting off because it wasn't until our adoring fan base of of, well, your wife told us we should cover this show.

Speaker 3: 01:08 This is where this came from. Pretty much, this is where this came from. Well I didn't realize until a few hours ago that I don't remember if I had watched the Netflix one or the Hulu one. Right. But this, I guess it's called two different things. So on Netflix it's called Fire and on Hulu it's called FYRE fraud. And if you've seen me they are. Yeah. So Fyi, the biggest scam known to man, the biggest scam known to man. So again, the context. Yeah. So I watched the Netflix version of this one and it's this young, I guess he calls himself an entrepreneur. It's a young guy who, if you guys don't know the rapper jowl rule. So they kind of got together. It's pronounced y'all.

Speaker 3: 01:56 Y'All getting soft. J O when you look at this guy from just from his haircut to his teeth, to his smile. I mean he's just all sorts of corny. And so this young guy basically he. How do I start it? He basically tried to create the biggest music venue for, for this generation, but really for anyone. So he tried to get all these celebrities to endorse this huge music festival in. It was in the Bahamas, um, you know, private like houses sitting out there on the water, um, the biggest stars and it was all, it was all fake.

Speaker 2: 02:36 Yeah. He, he basically wrote a check that he could not cash and here's where I'm trying to piece together. I haven't watched it yet. It's on my list because I am curious to watch both the Netflix version and the Hulu version because I know they are put out by different entities and the Netflix, I'm going to censor this by the way. The netflix version was produced and created by the social media, the people behind the social media site known as f Jerry. And I saw that. And so like they're involved in it. Obviously I'm abbreviating for, for our little ears out their bugs. Jerry Fudge. Jerry, let's just go fudge Jerry. We can cut it out. Jd is a f bomb earlier, but Fudge Jerry and the likes of them were involved because they were running the social media for this festival. That never happened. And so a lot of this is turning into a bit of a pr run for them to try and get out in front of it. It's hard to know where they really like. Are they incriminating this or were they innocent? I don't know.

Speaker 3: 03:39 So he was in, I should have his name pulled up but I don't. But he had, he wanted to be around money basically in any facet that he could be. And so he started this like it wasn't a fake credit card company but he started his own credit card company that would try and give you all these rewards points and basically he would have all these guys, even his marketing events, they'd be following them around trying to film him with famous people and partying and drinking. And so the documentary just kind of really almost rips into this guy and he was open to actually doing interviews with all these people. And I'd read as well that after this, like, like I don't know if you saw, but like once everybody showed up, all these kids and like, I mean there are people our age, but once they showed up, there was no place to stay. They had spent thousands and thousands of dollars on plane tickets. The food, there was literally grilled cheese and cereal like it was,

Speaker 2: 04:36 which I feel bad, but at the same time for a day sounds great. But do you feel bad because it's kind of funny. The whole thing is hilarious. It's kind of funny that in like a lot of people did get screwed over in the process, which has never got their money back. I don't think they did. Of course. I haven't watched the Hulu side either, so I'm sure that's the missing puzzle piece, but it is pretty amazing that they were able to essentially catfish so many people and get this whole thing. I never even got off the ground. That's what's so crazy about it. And this is the ultimate day and age of social media and viral marketing. That was all for not.

Speaker 3: 05:16 Y'all need to watch it. It's very interesting if not something to poke fun at and maybe something to consider going forward when you're just buying tickets to the super crazy expensive concert in the bomb.

Speaker 2: 05:27 Maybe next time. Coachella seems a little too good to be true. Make sure to. Coachella is actually real good. Cello, cello. The bargain brand. Coachella. Get still. Get like tags on the Brownsville, Texas, Coachella, coachella. You're gonna. Love it. You're gonna. Love it. Okay, so jd, this is the buzzer. Get together man. Okay, I'm back. Hey, so jd,

Speaker 1: 05:58 I do feel as though we have a responsibility on this show as men to keep other men informed of the things that they or their significant others are quite possibly watching. Quite possibly. Yes. Statistically speaking, millions of women are tuning in every Monday night for the bachelor and so obviously jd and I took it upon ourselves to research the show, do some research, do some research and research. This year's model is Colton underwood. Let me tell you about Colton. Jd, I'm until a little bit about this. Doug, you know so much. Let's go cold and according to my online reliable records, according to a reliable source, uh, he was on season 14 of the Bachelorette with Becca and I think, I believe he was the runner up and he was also on Bachelor in paradise. He's a former NFL player, played for the raiders. I believe he had a brief stint with the chargers and a more notably and catching more buzz. He is a 26 year old virgin.

Speaker 1: 07:05 Interesting thing. It's not a bad thing at all. And if you're listening, I don't mean it in that way. If you're listening. Abstinence is great. And so what we do want to say though, what is Darryl say? I don't know. What's the safest way to go skiing, ski. What's the safest form of safe sex abstinence. Anyways, our conversation piece real quick is about, is huge really? Which we don't know, but is he truly a virgin or is this show bait? So here's my thought on this. Jd, you and I, we both love Jesus. We both love the idea of following Jesus and try to. And I'll say this, if I was not, and I don't know where this guy stands one way or another in his belief system, but if I was not a Christian I would not subscribe to any sort of celibacy and I don't know the guy's backstory, but it's a little tough for me to believe that a guy who is is who's going on a show with 30 women to make out with all of them, he's going to be slightly promiscuous, even if not entirely promiscuous, who played in the nfl, who has been exposed to more temptation than the average man.

Speaker 1: 08:22 I have a hard time believing that he is as a clean cut and pristine and we were just kinda talking a little bit that it definitely kind of boost the TV value that he's a good old country boy. Some of these girls are. They definitely are kind of crazy because I've read some of their bios and they are going to try to tempt him in certain ways. It's just good tv. And just since John and I, we've, we've had this conversation a lot about sex in general. So it's just, it's interesting to see how ABC will portray this was such a good old boy, like a Colton. Underwood would always about golden underwood. That name alone proves he has not a virgin kids. Actually. They won't understand what that means. Oh Man. Jim, producer. Jim is just shaking his head at us. I don't think the second take was anybody.

Speaker 1: 09:16 Man, his name is. Jim wants more whiskey. Needs more cold underwood. If you're a virgin then I'm a frigging playboy. This isn't a call in show, but Colton, you feel free to call it and we'll take that call on a recorded podcast. All right. Jim's given us the nod that it's time to move on to the next segment. You hear about this Jd. So yes, I have actually. Um, and just to preface it and I'll let you run away with it. But in the first episode we talk a lot about Steve Carell and the office. Love it. We love it. Jim Loves it. This whole room loves it. And this show, which is coming out when June 18th, that. So that was born on date. June 18th is when our fearless president, Donald J dot trump announced the space force as the sixth branch of the military, and then on January 17th, 2019 year of our Lord, Netflix, uh, announced a new sitcom by the creators of the office, Greg Daniels and Steve Carell starring Steve Carell.

Speaker 1: 10:23 It's going to be awesome. How can you not be? You all need to look this up because it's something that hasn't really been publicized on Netflix or anything yet. You guys maybe have seen it on twitter, but let me read this little snippet real quick because I can't even read it without laughing. It makes me, it says space force. The goal of the new branches to defend satellites from attack and quote unquote perform other space related task or something. This is the story of the men and women who have to figure it out. So I'm very intrigued on what this is going to be like. Is it going to be like a parks and rec type thing? Is it going to be filmed like the office? I mean, the, the thing that gets me excited is this is Steve Carell's. Return to TV. Well, there's another first, it's his first show appearance that he's the main center of the office because he stopped the office ultimately to do movies, which I think he's killing as a dramatic actor.

Speaker 1: 11:19 I think he got snubbed of a, an Oscar nomination or a will. There's a couple of roles. There was, uh, the one about him and his son. We need to look this up. I haven't seen the most recent one was him where he gets beat up and with the Nazi solar with the soldiers or whatever. He gets beat up by, by a gang. And then he like, has this like escapism with these dolls and he makes his movies and apparently the last few movies, deep crawl is, has been a part of, have actually gotten incredible critical response. And so he's clearly made it as a dramatic actor. No, Jim Carrey, he can definitely switch roles. Totally. Well Jim Carey's had had, uh, he had, uh, he had truman show and eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. But you're running number 23. The numbers he went for it on that one.

Speaker 1: 12:08 The Arc. But Steve Girl really has shown his chops, he's multidimensional and that's why I'm excited from just to come back to the, I mean I literally have watched the office start to finish probably about 13 times any given episode upwards of 18 and I'm just excited to see him come back. So should be fun space for us to be looking for that. Super excited for pop culture. Which came first? The chicken or the egg? Kylie Jenner. That's right. So this week or last week, the last couple of weeks there's a new world record in instagram likes originally held by Kylie Jenner who held the record about $18 million. And then some anonymous sorta. It's. I'm not sure if anyone's come to the. Come to the front. I think they have to. Who it was that posted the egg. The egg is what I call it, the world record at world record egg is now the most popular, most viral picture on social media.

Speaker 1: 13:14 And at the time that I looked this up and, and did the research for this, I guess it was probably Friday last week they had over 48 million likes. Kylie Jenner had 18 million. They had 48 million. I think what's so funny about this Dang egg too is think about like when we were kids, how like we all had those Guinness Book of World Records where people were like literally holding bricks by their ears and like there are people that would run. Like nowadays the Guinness Book of World Records I got to do is smash that like button. So true. But it's a big deal because as you know there's guys out there who was actually pretty funny. I think James Harden who on an absolute tear right now, like James Harden kind of made a little jab at it. Mike Tyson did one with like his face tat on the side of the. It's pretty funny. You think Mike Tie like that egg over easy.

Speaker 1: 14:10 Giphy faith, faith Maine. So I mean, I just, I do celebrate the fact that we live in an age where a picture of a freaking egg and it's easy these days, man, you got an easy guy, easy. All you gotta do is like an egg. You know, we should do. We should post a picture of Jim on the Buzzer podcasts. It'll get about. Let's get about $50 million likes right there. How about, how about this? If we post a photo of our producer Jim on our instagram page and it gets more than a hundred likes. Oh Sean and I will both in lieu of this slurp down to raw eggs. I show next week, I can get behind that. So we're going to post a picture of

Speaker 3: 14:52 his lovely face. If we get 100 likes, which is way more than we have followers, right? We will slow down some raw eggs in, in celebration of Kylie Jenner's record.

Speaker 2: 15:02 There's the challenge right there. Folks. You heard it here on the buzzer. Give that picture of Jim with throw up. Literally throw up me like rocky. That's literally what he does. He just slips those things down. You give us a 100 likes on that picture of Jim and Jay Dee and I will guzzle down to raw eggs in honor of the world record and Kylie Jenner. Can't wait. Okay, so one interesting article that came to the surface in the last week, according to the University of Kansas as well as a support by some studies from Appalachian State University. Jd, did you know that making fun of your spouse? Did you know that making fun of Meredith could actually make your relationship stronger?

Speaker 3: 15:46 According to science? I did not know that because most people who don't grow up with siblings are very offended by getting made fun of,

Speaker 2: 15:55 but they're missing out on a meaningful. So what's the relationship? What's the science behind this? Well, according to Jeffrey Hall from the University of Kansas, he conducted 39 studies involving over 15,000 people over the course of 30 years and publish this in a couple different articles, but basically found that the ability to laugh together, play fully, and be able to playfully poke fun between two partners has actually increased the likeliness that that marriage will stay intact. Over the long, long haul is actually increased the endorphins that are associated with the brain and ultimately it just makes it for a happier, healthier, more fun experience, so and, and this is backed up by Appalachian State University, a reliable source or a reliable source of d to upset Michigan. Once bonds on that, the strongest indicators of a healthy relationship is a couple that's comfortable enough to make fun of each other on a regular basis.

Speaker 3: 16:54 Yeah, I've got some questions on that weight on me. I got some questions. So is it according to science because I don't know how you do science on this. I guess you could study brainwaves, but Scott throw things at a wall and see what sticks really do. Brain was because that's where kind of what science is, is it? I can see how poking like physically poking fun. You know that that can be exciting or it can lead to romantic stuff, but if you're like, Yo, you're looking at today, you're looking real chunky. She's not going to start making out.

Speaker 2: 17:32 So like, wow, that's a bold strategy. Cadin,

Speaker 3: 17:37 why don't you step it up and go ahead and, you know, like, so

Speaker 2: 17:41 yeah, I don't think that's what the articles were suggesting. I think it was more along find this article, like a quiz. What? Uh, what, what fruit best describes your relationship according to? According to science now, I mean the articles, but this is based more on like a sense of humor. Exactly, exactly. It's not malicious. It's not, not like mean spirited. No, it's none of none of that. Like show mystic, humor it very much a, hey, we're having fun. You're in on the joke. It's, it's playful at best. And I think part of the unspoken rule here is both people have to know that it's playful, otherwise it may not go over too well, but hey, if you want a healthier relationship out there, ladies and gentlemen, just make fun of each other. And there you have it. You'll have an enduring marriage. We've just solved so many problems.

Speaker 2: 18:40 Eggs, eggs, space for marriage, space force. Golly, we're Colton's underwood can hoping celibacy. We are killing it today. Great Jedi. So d, do you slack at all for work? I do, now I'm intrigued, so I do now lack is a popular form of instant message messaging, communication in office. We do use this. Yeah. Yes. I talked to my coworkers all the time. It's great. And we most, most places, I wouldn't say most, but a lot of places tend to use it phallic. So yes. So slack has recently changed their logo in there, catching some heat. If you're looking for early literacy coaches in the heat, if you're looking for colors and an entertaining twitter conversation. Oh boy. Go Look at the responses to slack. Announcing their new logo ads. The red ones. Huge vicious. So basically slacks went from a sensible logo that essentially is a pound sign.

Speaker 2: 19:48 I thought that was a second. Essentially that's an accurate, like the ad next to it all right, sorry. It was a uh, it does look like my igert actually Galilee now I can't not see it. And speaking of Viagara, the slack logo is doing things. So the slack logo went from a sensible hashtag that symbolize inter woven communication between different people and departments. It made sense. It was colorful, it was, it catchy. Didn't necessarily need to be changed. However, slack dot let's go ahead and be at the cutting edge of something and let's be on top of it. And they decided to change our logo into something that weren't going to have to post a picture of this because it just looks ridiculous. It's, it's very, uh, it looks like we say here, they said it looks like symmetrical spit or that's a nice way of saying it.

Speaker 2: 20:44 Yeah. It looks like a swastika and now only a swastika, but it looks like a swastika of a certain piece of the male anatomy, Colton, underwood, underwood. And it's just. I don't know how this thing got passed there. The crack team that was doing the Qa on this. It feels like it's a bit of a misstep in their vehemently defending it and not backing down. And there's. Social media has just been taken all kinds of heat and they've been trying to be pretty playful and kitschy about the whole thing. But it's not a good luck. Slack, you guys are killing it in a lot of ways, but you really missed this one. So really screwed the pooch for really screwed the pooch on this logo.

Speaker 2: 21:35 Sports. So Jd, a lot has happened in the world of sports. We are really in the thick of it. We have the superbowl is set, the New England patriots and the Los Angeles Rams slow. Weird to say this is a rematch for them, but that's not what we're talking about today. We're, we're not focused really on the patriots are or Tom Brady's potential. This is his ninth appearance potentially going for six championship. We're not talking about Sean Mcvey, me and the youngest coach, uh, I think in NFL history to make the super bowl. We're not talking about any of those things. Instead we're talking about the controversy around the saints in the ramps. This past weekend in the NFC championship game, the New Orleans Saints and hosted the Los Angeles Rams and with the score tied at 20 to 20 with a minute, 45 seconds, left, drew breeze through a pass on third down to Tommy Lee Lewis and the rams is a quarterback, nickel Robbie Coleman bulletin. We laid him out. It was not even a question, very much a pass interference call. However it was not called. And this is the penalty that will probably be replayed over and over. This is the Dez caught it of 2019, maybe even bigger than that.

Speaker 3: 23:00 Yeah, it's pretty sad actually. I think I do feel for st fans on this one because I know that you can always, you can pick apart these games and you can talk about, you should have done a play here. You should have made this tackle there. You should have scored here, but obviously this, that one no call changed the entire, the entire game. And they had to sell for a field goal. They had to settle for a field goal and I mean ultimately, I mean, so the saints coach, he after the game, he had called the rafts and they, they've admitted to completely blowing the game. So they blew that call and has taken responsibility. Yeah. All y'all have seen it. I mean it's a, it's even a helmet to helmet contact. Um, there's even people out there that have tried to, uh, they've done like a madden recreation of it too. I don't know if you saw

Speaker 2: 23:51 that. I actually saw this morning, they immediately called on madden.

Speaker 3: 23:55 They immediately called it because if you look at the, I mean, he's a defenseless receiver. The ball wasn't even within 10 feet of them. I mean, maybe it was slightly behind him, but yeah, it was disgusting. It was, it was

Speaker 2: 24:08 Nicole. So there's, there's a couple of words, no call I've ever seen. Actually it is, it's definitely up there and it's sparked a lot of controversy to the point where there are two big questions being asked in the midst of this. Uh, the first is should the NFL consider replaying this game or doing something to change the outcome, which is according to the NFL bylaws now outside of Roger Goodell, the commissioners capacity. And in fact, uh, the New Orleans, uh, owner is calling for for blood really, but looking for people who dig, digging a little bit deeper. Um, so that's part of it just because it was such a blatantly blown call being a felon is taking ownership for. Should this be reviewed in such a capacity. But the real question I think that stemming from all of this, not so much, should it be replayed, should it be reassessed? Is should penalties in general be reviewable? What do you think?

Speaker 3: 25:07 I think. I think in playoff situations, yes. I think almost like if you're within the two minute warning all scores or are up there reviewable by the booth. I think when it comes down to playoffs, even if it's the first round of the playoffs with the divisional finals or even the super bowl, it could get. I can go both ways because this sucks for saints fans. Like trust me as a cowboys fan, I have been screwed over and it's almost nice to see somebody else. But if you think about if they had to review even a holding call on a offensive lineman or I could see it going in the favor of roughing the kickers and things like that. But kind of like baseball. Football has always been a sport where ultimately these refs, I mean they're not robots and just like baseball on par with pitches like things are going to be missed and so you expect little degree of variance, but I don't know, could you actually replay this game because then you could prep for it. I mean it just sucks. I mean there's really no way to fix the solution. Yeah. They're out of the play out like yeah, I can say let's sit here and let's review every play that happens in real time, but that's never gonna happen because that would change the entire sport. Right. And Reps have to do. I mean he, he needs to be fired or fined. Right. But that still doesn't help saints fans who don't get to go to.

Speaker 2: 26:33 So to play devil's advocate here, because I've gone back and forth on this, but I think it's a slippery slope to review in. I think what you've seen officiating especially down the stretch, is a response to criticism all season long. Whereas all season long, and I've been part of this too, you've been part of this year. We've talked about, there's been a lot of flags. Yeah, it's way too much. It got it got to an excessive point and everyone was basically calling out the nfl saying, this is agregious. It's way too much. It's slowing down the game, losing the competitiveness of it, and so I think the NFL and the league heard this and the refs responded and so their response was to swallow their whistle in these type situation. This game I saw maybe I saw a lot of missed calls, not just that one. That's the one that we're going to.

Speaker 2: 27:24 That was the worst one. The previous drive the rams had. There was a passenger appeared and said it wasn't called a earlier in the game. There are plenty of face masks that weren't called. I mean there was a lot that you could have thrown out there, but I think in a direct response they decide to opt to the direction of let's let the players decide now add that to that point, you can't let it be decided by such a blatant a. it's not even a bump bump. It was a straight up laying the dude out.

Speaker 3: 27:52 Well, what should have happened in the moment in this should happen in every game going forwards. When you get that big of a reaction from the audience, from players, from everybody, the referees need to call a huddle. Then reverse the play. Yes. It's within their documented due diligence to keep on or that game. Because you can't put robots out there. You can't put laser tags, sensors in people's pads and helmets to try and do. I mean, yeah, that would be nice, but just like baseball, we still have bumps because that's how the game is always been played. The refs, I mean if you knew you blew a call, I still think there should be a chance to actually reverse it in that moment, but whenever the other team starts their business, I mean you can't go back.

Speaker 2: 28:39 So my my thought, my thought on the matter is this. I think that especially in team sports, it should never come down to one play. It should never be decided by one play. There's so many other things that could've happened. Dribbly drew brees was outplayed by a golf in that game in the second half. At least. Rams prepared better. They had a better defensive strategy in the second half. Uh, I, I do think that the saints truly were beat. However that being said and going down to that last play, I think that within the final two minutes, everything should be reviewable. Including penalties.

Speaker 3: 29:15 Yeah, I think so too. I mean it's easy for everyone to cling to one thing almost as a comfort to say that's why we lost. But yeah, so it's going to be the paths again. And the rims,

Speaker 2: 29:28 that's again the rams. I don't have a dog in the fight, the weakest fan base. People from La, but you're not yet. Y'All don't know. Team hasn't been, which would be ironic and I feel like that should be a good conversation for next week, but weak. But yeah, the rams with Alice without fan base on the superbowl and Tom Brady is going for his ninth. So I think Muslim America pants. I mean, I know I can see Tom Brady, but I mean he's already the greatest. But I'm saying just cement that a little bit more. Yeah. I feel like they're going to win. I think so too. Yeah. I'll still watch. But yeah, so we thought we talk about that play because it's everywhere and it was really hard to miss even from someone who's not a referee. Yeah. Even Jim texted me that he's like, did you see that he was laying non pass interference call and I said, Jim, I know that's a red garden.

Speaker 2: 30:15 Jimson debt's a red cards. And I said, red flag baby. I said, no, that's a foul ball. And uh, so they have it. So speaking of foul balls, yes, there's actually, that wasn't the transition I wanted. But speaking of sports, we live in Austin. Yes we do. It was announced this past week that Austin is getting its own. Finally from professional soccer soccer team that's ride Austin is announced. Austin FC. The mascot, I guess is an oak tree. I don't really know their jerseys or the, I think the Jersey look cool. I think the mass council will. Yeah, it's basically a green oak tree. Are we really a black black background lane? It's lame, the color scheme is cool, but it's a lame concept nonetheless. We are finally getting a professional team in 20, 21. This will be the MLS is 27th team a cross across the league and he got me thinking.

Speaker 2: 31:19 I'm glad because Austin has been deserving of a of a franchise for a long time. I don't think people think of Austin as a sports town. They pushed back on it and they go, Gosh, just a little college town. Even though ut can routinely sells out games or has in the past maybe. Maybe it's now starting to sell out again, but a stadium of almost 110,000 people like we are clearly craving something and so now I think there were getting soccer. I think this is going to open the door to show that. Yeah, we can be the kind of city that back sports and I want to showcase a list of five cities that I think deserve one or multiple franchises in some capacity or missing a franchise of some capacity. Yeah, true. We'll see. You want to go and go through these?

Speaker 3: 32:06 Yeah, I'll run through. I'll run through the list that we have here. Um, and I agree with, with Austin because if you look at the surroundings, so Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, the three big powerhouses in the state of Texas, all very deserving. Um, I do think that with Austin it may be a little bit of a growing kind of a learning curve for the soccer team, but just like if you build it, they will come. I definitely think that the fan base will show up. I do think that population

Speaker 1: 32:40 wise Austin has, it would most likely be so with Dallas Sports, the cowboys are in. I mean it's The Dallas cowboys and the Dallas Mavericks, but it's in Arlington. It's in. So I wonder, so kind of the first bullet point for the Os, it would have to be the Greater Austin Metro. So throw a round Rock Austin. Yes. Austin Cedar Park, round rock. But man we are so suburban almost. I mean I'd be very curious to see almost anything other than soccer because even our minor league baseball, I think they struggled to fill that stadium. They certainly, I express that I think has been changing. I did a nice between Rangers, had a hand in, in Washington DC has a son because if you think about capitals, if you think about more political, I mean we have a very athletic base of people here. I'm very outdoorsy. We were known for our hippies, but I think that that putting a soccer team here is going to be a flagship for them and I to work.

Speaker 1: 33:41 It's going to grow it. Um, and I think especially if you talk ways, you mentioned combining round rock into the equation, the Bayer Austin area is about 2 million people when you throw in round rock leander. I wonder if you could combine Austin and San Antonio almost in call. It tastes pretty much there. And that brings me to the second point of, if you were to look at it from that standpoint, I think you could pull off an nfl franchise in San Antonio. I think they could because even the San Antonio Spurs their Minor League team is the Austin tour pros, right? Correct. Yeah. So like there is some sort of a partnership in between where even if Austin couldn't build it or fund it, a community where Austin fans, because there's actually no. Yeah, still the same concept though, but there's still. If it was in San Antonio, ultimately a lot of the lions.

Speaker 1: 34:31 Austin. Yeah, Austin people would drive there. I think so. And I think like San Antonio itself and proper seat limits is about one point 4 million people not counting tile, new braunfels. I think all together you're going to have four to $5 million people will split a fan base of San Marcus. Boom, NFL franchise makes a lot of sense. If Portland, Oregon, let's just to have an NBA basketball teams exhausted in taxes, can have an NBA basketball team. I can guaranteed and b the fourth because California has four, five NBA teams. I mean it blows me away. So speaking of basketball teams here, uh, I think Seattle deserves an NBA franchise. Again, they had the sonics, they moved the Sanex. So to Okc. And that was not because the city wasn't supporting them. That was because the owner had some shady dealings there. They changed hands with the owner and so I think that's city. It's been creating an NBA. I think I deserve it. I think it's going to happen. Again. Just a question of when Las Vegas, Las Vegas got picked up a franchise, so las Vegas is pretty much getting everything because they have a. They have a

Speaker 2: 35:37 hockey program coming in. They started and they actually went to the initiative. They're like the Golden Knights. Are they got runner up in this for the Stanley Cup? Yeah, they did Stanley filing and so clearly they've that's been working and then again the raiders, so they're on a good start for sure. That's for sure. It's. It's happening. I think it's in 20. Twenty one could be mistaken. Jim, you're gonna have to fact check that one here a little bit later. Factcheck about Las Vegas in real quick. Just to go through the rest of the list. I think Kansas City is growing and their sports, I mean they already have. That's a town as dedicated to the royals and the chiefs and I think it nba franchise is not outside the realm of possibilities for them. I think clearly they have a sports fan base. It's Missouri has two major cities that care about sports.

Speaker 2: 36:25 Well really only one when you take St Louis out of it, which we did that solve the cardinals. The gardens. That's the ones more jim cares about that. He's not and he's nodding this smug little smile and then number five on the list is San Diego deserves an nfl franchise, which is ironic because they just lost it to Los Angeles, but the chargers are not bringing in money. They're playing in a soccer stadium for like 20,000 people and there are a great team. They went deep in the playoffs. They have a baseball team still. Yeah, exactly. You got the padres that move like I think San Diego back them. I think there was support there. I think it was. It was ridiculous from the move. Yeah, so that's. That's our list. Austin, MLB, San Antonio, NFL, Seattle, NBA, Kansas City and va, San Diego Nfl. That's our list of five in Las Vegas, problem with and get rid of Jacksonville and make it like a London, London.

Speaker 2: 37:28 Jag was like, if you have to like, like in the NBA, like with the Toronto Raptors, like some of these dumpster fire franchises, move them and let's do Mexico City, your longing. You know what I would love is if London, London inherited the Jaguars and they change them at the redcoats and then just had like a July fourth, 707 flags scrimmage with the Patriots. That would be the best. Let's make it happen. Goodell come on now. He's hired in his coat. He's gonna wait until the signals over. Watch the superbowl is over. It's going to peak his head out, log on groundhog day, and he sees his shadow. There's going to be seven more years of penalties. So Jd, the, there's some bit. Let me try that again. So jt, it's been an interesting week. Yes, it has our Alma Mater, Concordia University, Texas. Finding whoosh. D One biggest school in Texas. That's right. Thousands of people have visited that campus and one thing including animals, wildlife, the livestock. And one thing that's interesting is this past week in Korea announced in as part of their athletics program, they are expanding to add the, uh, well, the phenomenon known as East sports. Yes. Right. So

Speaker 3: 38:53 let, let me just say, okay, how many times have you, sean even had this, this is not an Mj Lebron conversation. This is a conversation as good as time itself. What's considered a sport? I mean, this concordia is not just the first to do this, but we're offering east sports as an athletic program, right? I mean, are you going to give scholarships to this stuff? Like, so what's considered a sport? What is this? Just something I'm supposed to accept because I love video games,

Speaker 2: 39:30 right? I do, I enjoy. Good, good. You know, Mario Kart, super smash brothers is excellent as much as the next guy and probably not as big in the video games is you and Jimbo. But I do enjoy it and I, I've been given this some thought because to, to frame this, a concordia has now part of the National Association of College, East sports and they're sharing the stage with the likes of the University of Miami, Ohio, Boise state, UC Irvine. So prominent programs and yeah, I don't know because he usually gets tough. You're considering them part of athletics, you're seeing them. Athletes and I, I agree. Sports and Games should be lumped into similar categories. However, I think that we're going to essentially encourage the next generation to think that playing video games counts as pe and that's dangerous. I just think it should be a club. That's what I'm saying. I think it should be a club I love. That's competitive. I love their playing because they're playing league of legends. I don't know what that is in overwatch.

Speaker 3: 40:37 So a lot of people. I played golf at Concordia, that's my sport quote unquote. And I understand when people say, oh, it's called really the sport, or is badminton really? I mean because golf, what's the role? Yeah, we'll break a sweat like is. I don't know, it's a question I asked because I don't even really know. In today's society, I don't even know if I know the answer anymore. So we do have. Oh, so here's the thing,

Speaker 2: 41:07 Jim. Jim, the producers just put this in front of us. Yeah, we just got a little drop a knowledge. You don't have to be a player to be a part of Concordia, east sports. You give me an analyst or a scowl, hopefully coach a content manager to be folks. Folks, listen, this is for my future children. All right. We live in a society where we just get to create whatever the heck we want. Do you want to be the coach of East sports? He. He pretty much can nowadays and if anyone makes fun

Speaker 1: 41:34 of you.

Speaker 2: 41:36 I just, I so badly want to be an analyst. I'm a little trigger. JDE is triggered. I'm excited and so here is my official bid, Concordia University of Texas. We are two alum coming to you saying we will be analysts for every last broadcast you do

Speaker 1: 41:56 like, are we going to put stan bond on what's out there in the lobby? And have him, Sam balances are a head basketball coach by the way. I can coordinate them. Run laps. All Bald guy played at the University of Texas

Speaker 2: 42:06 tech by the way. Uh, yeah. I think this is our official bid. Concordia. We will be your analysts. Just give us a minute and we'll, we'll announce and commentate everything I need to go and see for myself before I judge a book by its cover. All right. I feel like you can judge this book pretty quickly though. They've read more books than I have.

Speaker 1: 42:29 Okay. I'm really sorry you can cut that piece out. It in the world needs to know my future.

Speaker 2: 42:37 No, I'm not going to say it's the conversation you're going to have with your son and Sunday. It's a real sport that he's going to be breaking. A sweat is going to have is he's gonna. He's gonna. Here's what cracks me up. These kids, these are college kids. College kids are going to come out in warmups, sweats to play x box. I will love it. I'm triggered. Oh Man. I love it so much. I'm very upset. Like, are they going to run laps if they don't do well in the game? Like are they going to, I don't know, like all these things. East sports needs to be a club and, and if they don't make their grades they can't play. Well that's a real thing. You know what? At least we have some sort of standards on keeping these kids in school. So movies, ghostbusters, you remember there was a movie that came out, I think it was last year or the year before, ghostbusters released a.

Speaker 2: 43:35 apparently it was actually pretty good. I know it got panned by critics, but there was a kristen wiig and, and uh, all the ladies in like very funny ladies did this show and I don't think it ever got the chance to be successful because I think a lot of sexist men route, they're just trolling. But that being said, ghostbusters is coming back and it's not a sequel of that. It was played by men in homage to the original. It's not just they've announced that there are going to be female leads in this, but it is rumored that Bill Murray in Dan Akroyd and Ernie Hudson, our repricing, their roles as you know, Peter, make men race, dance in Winston respectively. Uh, as you, as you may or may not know, Harold Ramis actually passed away in 2014 so the egon will not be coming back into the franchise and they've announced that the whole thing is directed by the son of the original director, a sales director, my Jason Reitman and his father Ivan directed the original ghostbusters. And so it's very much, it's a, it's a family affair. It's a return to form. I think this is going to be from what I've been reading, kind of a handing off of the torch and that you'll probably see the originals in like a mentor type of role, passing it onto a group of four, two boys, two girls. And I don't know if it's gonna be a stranger things kind of thing or what, but it's set in the modern day.

Speaker 3: 45:04 What I'm, what I'm hoping with this. So did you see the new movie that came out?

Speaker 2: 45:10 Uh, no, but I'm familiar with.

Speaker 3: 45:13 So because in last week's show we touched on a lot of good movies that are coming out this summer and next summer too. And we kind of talked a little bit about age gaps in who still relevant are people still interested in ghostbusters was kind of before our time kind of. And so I'm just curious to see if this, I mean in your opinion, was the third one really warranted? Like is it going to be interesting enough where like I didn't really get into it. Like it's a fair question. It's interesting and I talk about it because I didn't think it so it was before our time but they remade it and they made it relevant with some characters that we know now. Like one of the boys that was in stranger things, there was some humor to it and they kind of responded. I'm really curious to see what they do with this because I don't, I don't know. It's who you gonna call ghostbusters and that's pretty much all I know. Maybe I'm the only one, but what I do is it going to be sustainable?

Speaker 2: 46:15 I think that the hype around it, Bill Murray and Dan Akroyd are in fact coming back for this and obviously Ernie Hudson as well. That would be best case scenario, best case scenario and I think that's enough to do well in the box office and to our producer was sign off on that and especially if they can reintroduce it to a new generation. I don't think they should call ghostbusters three. I think that they should. It should be. They should. It should be something ghostbusters, but make it clear that you are spinning this franchise off and essentially they're trying to get back off the ground as an established property. But just give us bill Murray, give us Dan Akroyd and Ernie Hudson for one more film. You can, you can do whatever after that, but that's all I really want. And from that standpoint I'm excited because I do love Bill Murray.

Speaker 2: 46:59 Oh, so it comes out summer of 20 slash 20, so we have some time on this. So they're just now there's a teaser trailer out in a teaser trailer and again, it doesn't give you anything, just shows that cryptically it'll give you the, the, the ghostbusters car and, and all that tinkering of the, you know, the reagans sound ghostbusters. Now another Saifai flick that I thought was pretty interesting and one that should be straight to netflix probably. Uh, so Sam Elliott, I was recently in a star, is born a playing alongside Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. Did you see that? No, but I hear it's great. I heard got nominated for a ton of award. Beautiful voice. Both of them. Beautiful, incredible. And Lady Gaga actually. And Bradley Cooper both got best actress, actor nominations respectively. And they'll tell you and I think St Mel, he even got some notoriety for his role in that too. But Sam Elliot is in this potentially be movie flit called the man who, and I'm not making this up and look this up. The man who killed Hitler and then bigfoot.

Speaker 3: 48:09 Hold on you. You give a little history here while I'm looking this up.

Speaker 2: 48:13 So the, the cast is likes a plaza mentioned St Elliott who was in tombstone, who's an a star, is born a. He played the Eagleton version of Ron in parks and rec and uh, also eight and Turner from the Hobbit trilogy as well as Ron Livingston from office space. Peter, why does this say this already? Oh, so it's been, it's been making the, the circuits in the film festivals. Yes. And they're doing a wide release February eighth of this year. Uh, I watched the trailer. It looks interesting. It looks like it's, I mean obviously it's embracing the camp, but it's also not just campy. I think it's also going to be a little bit of a all hero old gunslinger rides again type of thing. This man's dealing with his demons of his past and being, living with a killing, if you will, and it's going back into it. The whole thing is far fetched, but it's got a great cast. I feel like it's worth a watch. I'm not saying it's going to be the best movie ever, but I'm saying that. Yeah, I think I'm going to have a few glasses of whiskey and watch it on Netflix I think and I hope that you. You're sitting right there with me. Jd.

Speaker 3: 49:18 I will be. This is what I think we should also do because I like having the audience interact with us here on the show. I'm sure at some point in time I think it would be kind of fun and we can edit this out or we can stick with it. Let's have even on instagram like have our audience pick just a random movie like on rotten tomatoes or even just like pick like we could do like a alphabet grab bag or something and just pick like. Because this title loan, the man who killed Hitler and then big foot. I almost want to have like us trying to describe what it is without seeing it and then just kind of. Because like I want you guys to be involved. Like if you all have seen some crazy movies out there that have some funky titles, hit us up with that and we're not even going to look it up. I just want you to give us the titles and we're going to give you a brief summary of what we think it is.

Speaker 2: 50:09 I think we can. We can do a live tweet or an instagram on the buzzer

Speaker 3: 50:14 because I am. I mean, this is kind of crazy. The man who killed Hitler. Then big foot.

Speaker 2: 50:19 I'm excited. It sounds outlandish. It's coming out February eighth. I'm not saying it's going to be good, but it's going to be entertaining. Boom,

Speaker 1: 50:28 roasted. Oh, roasting a New York. Trane

Speaker 4: 50:33 carrying 10 million pounds of human waste has finally been removed from a small town in Alabama. More news to come at 11 on where the giants,

Speaker 1: 50:42 jets, fans will travel. Next. Roasted Baker is selling bread made from crushed crickets. Didn't realize Jim knew how to use an oven roasted. There was a police officer in England called Rob Banks. No need for a punchline here. Folks roasted a Texas man was sentenced to 50 years in prison for stealing one point $2,000,000 and fajitas before he was apprehended by police. Hey, jd Taco, about a job well done. Book roasted after a man was trapped in a recently used burger king bathroom for over two hours. He was compensated with a lifetime of free meals and whoppers, which means that he'll be trapped in the bathroom even longer. Roasted. Well, you're right. You're right. Because of the the going south quick. A 33 year old Irishman routinely used injections of his own sperm to treat back pain while his condition was touch and go for a little while. Doctors have treated him and now his back is seemingly okay. Didn't see that coming well roasted.

Speaker 4: 52:04 Well, this is the end of the show. We've covered a lot of ground today. Jd, what did we talk about? Well, Sean, we started talking about Netflix and Hulu spin on the quote unquote FYRE fraud, the greatest party that never happened. Definitely check it out. Super interesting documentary. We talked a little bit about the bachelor and it season preview and we will kind of continue to talk more about that. Especially next week after our drinking game. We talked a little bit about space force and the introduction of what Steve Carell is doing on Netflix with his new show involving Donald Trump's new branch of the government. Um, pop culture. We talked a little bit about how making fun of your partner can make your relationship stronger. A picture of an egg and now it was more popular than Kylie Jenner herself. Absolutely insane. We talked about ghostbusters three. It's relevant seeds coming out summer of 20 slash 20.

Speaker 4: 52:58 We talked about a couple other movies. The man who killed Hitler and then big foot. We'd love to hear some of your phrasing. Movie Takes Sports. Of course. We talked about the saints versus the rams, the head to head contact. That can't be missed your opinions. Do we have another list of major cities that could see nfl, NBA, mlb teams. Talking a little bit about Austin and how there's a new soccer franchise coming to town. And last but certainly not least, we talked a little bit about how Concordia University, Texas is now implementing east sports into their athletic program. And should we consider it a sport? Absolutely not. It was a great episode. Thanks for tuning in. It's always fun. We'll see you guys next week and looking forward to it. Have a great week. Have a good one. Bye. Bye.

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