Game of Thrones, Robert Pattinson + Batman, Aladdin, Grumpy Cat, Conan O’Brien, | FEAT. Sarah Story (UMLAUF Sculpture Garden)

FEAT. Sarah Story (UMLAUF Sculpture Garden)

POP CULTURE: Grumpy Cat passed away. Conan O’Brien settles joke-fraud case out of court.

CLASSY OR NOT CLASSY: Sarah deems what pop-culture norms are classy and which aren’t.

GOOD NEWS: Man loses lottery ticket, but still wins big. 9yo performs the Heimlich and saves her friend’s life. CEO pays of student loan debt of an entire graduating class.

Game of Thrones: Fans petition to have show rewritten after bad reviews.

MOVIES: Robert Pattinson is Batman. Live-action Aladdin early reviews.

At the Buzzer: #SwipeLife.

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