“Time is a flat circle, Nancy Drew.” | FEAT. Moby Hayat (The Fire Show Podcast)

September 12, 2019

FEAT. Moby Hayat (The Fire Show Podcast)

POP CULTURE: Texas forces LSU band to sit in the nosebleeds + Odell Beckham Jr. flexes on everyone with $350k watch.

STORY OF THE WEEK: Maid of Honor dresses as T-Rex for sister’s wedding.

GOOD NEWS: Little boy donates Disney trip money for hurricane relief + Train conductor finds and returns $9k + Teenage boy stops kidnapping.

THE BACHELOR: Frontrunners for next season’s Bachelor.

TV: Amazon’s Lord of the Rings update + Fall TV show watchlist.

MOVIES: Great early reviews for Director Rian Johnson’s Knives Out + Justin Timberlake to star in drama + Harry Stiles turned down Little Mermaid role + Michael B. Jordan might direct Creed III.

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