"Tyler? Hardly knew her." | FEAT. Emily Gee (Comedian)

July 10, 2019

FEAT. Emily Gee (Comedian)

POP CULTURE: Court cases being decided by emojis. Stranger Thingsand nostalgia for 90s snacks. Cassette players are making a comeback.

STORY OF THE WEEK: 74yo man gets church congregation high on weed cookies.

GOOD NEWS: Uber for birds. Australian tow trucks. Batman and puppies.

TV: Netflix cutting back on cigarettes in shows. Family Matters reboot. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia/The Office crossover.

THE BACHELORETTE: Hometowns episode summary. Bachelor in Paradise preview.

MARJORIE’S MAILBAG: Stranger Things.

MOVIES: Disney casts their Little Mermaid and people are racist. Chris Rock and Samuel L. Jackson to remake Saw.

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