"You totally missed the essay prompt." | FEAT. Kelly O'Connor

June 12, 2019

FEAT. Kelly O’Connor

POP CULTURE: Justin Biber challenges Tom Cruise to a fight in the Octagon. The internet loves Keanu Reeves. Corporations are taking advantage of Pride Month. Bill Gates and Warren Buffet work at a Dairy Queen.

GOOD NEWS: Injured gymnasts walks down the aisle at her wedding two months after surgery. Four teenage boys rescue 90yo woman from a fire. Robert Downey Jr. is saving the planet through robotics and nanotechnology.

TVThe Good Place calls it quits after four seasons. Steven Spielberg creating horror series only viewable after dark. Sean’s new favorite thing on Netflix: The Chef Show.

The Bachelorette: Twitter hates Luke P.

Game of Thrones: Outlandish and popular fan theories.

MOVIESGhostbusters 3 will feature original cast. X-Men: Dark Phoenixwill likely lose $300 million.

At the Buzzer: Popular Canadian slang in honor of the Toronto Raptors being in the NBA Finals.

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